Addiction and Substance Abuse

Dealing with addiction and substance abuse is never easy. Read more on addiction stories and combating addiction.

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This Is Why Your Face Turns Red When You Drink Alcohol

If your face turns as red as the wine in your glass, it may be due to your genetics

One Phone Call Changed This Drug Addict’s Life, and Her Story May Change Yours

Auburn knew she had a problem—with drugs, her marriage, her baby. So in desperation, she called a counselor's number in...

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8 Ways Your Genes Influence Your Drinking Habits

Should your family history influence how you drink? Or, how much you drink? Possibly. Scientific evidence links certain aspects of...

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8 Alcoholics Reveal Eye-Opening Lessons on Overcoming Addiction

One in 12 Americans will struggle with alcoholism at some point in their life. Here recovering alcoholics share their best...

I Lost My Job and My House to Opiate Addiction—Here’s What Saved Me

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services considers opioid addiction to be a growing epidemic, with more than 6...

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How to Tell If Your Social Drinking Is Normal—or Something More Serious

Alcoholism can affect social drinkers too. You don't have to be a daily drinker, morning drinker, or have DWI's to...

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Had One Too Many Drinks? 8 Ways to Sober Up Fast

Your guide to getting out of Drunkville—or how to avoid landing there in the first place.

9 Ways to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

The benefits of quitting smoking outweigh any potential health problems from a few extra pounds.

20 Secrets Addiction Counselors Desperately Want You to Know

Whether you or a loved one is facing alcohol, drug, or painkiller addiction, here's real advice on how to get...

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How Drunk Am I? 9 Weird Reasons You Can Get Tipsy Too Quickly

Studies show that these seemingly random factors can affect how alcohol takes its toll on your body and brain.

Cut Back on Alcohol Without Giving It Up

Stealthy ways to reduce your drinking to a healthy level.