The key to healthy aging is prevention and information. Learn more about the signs of aging and how to combat them with our tips and advice.

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15 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Brain

Boost your brain health in the new year with these 15 physical and mental changes for your brain.

16 Memory-Boosting Tips from Brain Scientists

Improve your memory so that you can recall your shopping list and even remember those numbers in your cell phone.

38 Genius Habits Your 80-Year-Old Brain Will Thank You for Doing Today

Prevent those senior moments from plaguing your senior years. Here's what you can do to keep your mental skills sharp...

23 Brain-Boosting Foods That May Keep You Sharp

Keep your brain healthy and sharp with these nutrient-dense, brain-boosting foods, from berries to bone broth

15 Memory Exercises Proven to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Simple ways to ward off dementia, prevent cognitive decline, and improve your brainpower—in just one day.

These 49 Anti-Aging Foods Might Add Years to Your Life

The evidence in: Choose your food wisely and you can add years to your life. Our list of anti-aging foods...

Take This Attention Span Quiz To Measure How Well You Actually Stay Focused

A leading researcher in distraction and multitasking shares an exclusive quiz to put your attention span to the test.

What Is Frontotemporal Dementia? Bruce Willis’ Condition, Explained.

This rare type of dementia comes in many different subtypes, resulting in specific and individualized symptoms.

Eva Longoria Just Shared Her Secret to Healthy Aging

"A lot of women want to feel good in their skin," Eva Longoria says. Here's how she does it, while...

If Your Attention Span Is Burnt Out, a Leading Scientist’s Simple Fix Will Come as Relief

Our attentions spans are collectively in trouble. A leading brain scientist offers gentle practices to improve focus...

A 103-Year-Old Nun’s 10 Daily Secrets for a Long, Healthy Life

Loyola University Chicago's famed "basketball nun" shares what she eats, the relationship tip that's key to fulfillment and healthy living,...

One Major Effect of Belly Fat on Early Death Risk, New Study Finds

Excess belly fat is commonly associated with diabetes and heart problems, but a recent study shows it...

What Your Facial Wrinkles May Be Trying to Tell You

What do the lines on your face say about your health? Actually, a lot. Here's a list of six...

Over 40? Here Are 9 Clever Memory Exercises to Start Doing Today

Yes, some of these are fun! Here are tips to "exercise" this super organ—your brilliant brain.

Practicing This Feeling Could Actually Help You Live Longer, Says a Neuroscientist

Making time to conjure this emotion can improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, helping you live a longer...

Neurology Professors Just Listed the 9 Worst Habits for the Human Brain

Brain scientists say caring for your brain is a lot like taking care of your heart.

King Charles’s 14 Lifelong Habits That Have Kept Him Healthy for 75 Years

Just because you don't have a royal army of personal chefs, housekeepers, doctors and more doesn't mean you can't live...

Is King Charles III Healthy? Here’s How One Doctor Interprets the Clues

Despite being the eldest person ever to ascend the British throne, the new king has an impressive health record....

Alton Brown’s #1 Best Recipe for a Sharper Brain

Chef and TV personality Alton Brown shares his genius secrets for healthy aging—including the only way he gets motivated...

Queen Elizabeth’s 10 Daily Habits That Helped Her Live 96 Years

Copying Queen Elizabeth's healthy habits might not make you a monarch, but it could help lead to a longer, happier life.

Here’s How Much Exercise You Need to Keep Your Brain Sharp, a Recent Study Says

New research suggests that varied types of exercise—from aerobic workouts to simple stretching—can all positively benefit an aging brain.

My Young Husband’s ‘Mental Illness’ Turned Out to Be Dementia

A neurologist lists symptoms of frontotemporal dementia—a type of dementia that's affecting some Americans as young as their thirties,...

Eating This Every Day Could Damage Your Brain Health, Says New Study

We all want to keep our brains healthy as long as we can. Brazilian researchers who led a study...

Brooke Shields Exclusive: Her 4 Wellness Must-Haves and the “Extraordinary” Privilege of...

Icon Shields, 56, opens up about focusing on what really matters these days.

A Dermatologist and Dietitian Just Listed the 5 Worst Foods That Age Skin Faster

If you want healthy skin, you've got to nourish your cells with goodness. These are foods to avoid if you...

Doctors Explain Aphasia: The Brain Condition Leading Bruce Willis to Retire from Acting

A renowned neurology physician and researcher provides insight on aphasia, including its causes and symptoms; while speech experts explain how Willis's...

A Dietitian Just Listed the 7 Best Foods to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

Beauty really does come from within, our dermatology and dietetics experts say. Here's what they say you can eat...

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The 12 Vitamin K-Richest Foods for Healthy Aging, from a Nutritional Biochemist

"Inflammatory aging" is chronic, low-grade inflammation that expedites the effect that time has on your body. One way to...

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10 Activities to Help You Connect With Your Loved One With Dementia

When a loved one's memory fades, the time you spend together today can be powerful for both your hearts and...

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5 Healthy-Aging Lessons From One of The World’s Five Blue Zones

Why do people 'forget to die' on a small Greek island? Here are some healthy takeaways from this blue zone.

What Is Brain Fog? 9 Causes and Solutions

If your brain feels chronically fuzzy and you just can't do mental tasks like you used to, you may be...