Make Your Home “Brain Healthy”

Consider the following tips on brain health for the home.

There are five factors or slices of the brain health pie. These include 1. socialization, 2. physical activity, 3. mental stimulation, 4. nutrition, and 5. spirituality. You can apply the activities within each of these brain health slices in your home, and a brain health residence will be born.

Consider the following brain health for the home tips:

1. Socialization

Increase the number of social events in your home. This includes meetings, parties, and simply having friends or family over. Remember brain health is a lifespan issue so all age groups need a little attention and love.

2. Nutrition

Increase the number of meals that include fish (salmon, herring, sardines), unsalted nuts including walnuts, fruits, and vegetables. Eat at least one meal a day when your family and friends sit down and spend quality time together. Eating with utensils also promotes healthier food consumption and less caloric intake.

3. Physical Activity

Get the family on a regular exercise program that includes some form of aerobic exercise: daily walks, dancing, gardening, and even knitting. You want to promote physical activity and increased cardiovascular activity.

4. Mental Stimulation

Have everyone in the family engage in mental exercise on a daily basis. This should involve something that is novel and complex (not passive and rote). Play a family board game, complete a game online, write a short story, talk and debate world affairs, and even take a trip as a family to a new area of your region.

5. Spirituality

Make sure the family is getting plenty of sleep. Take time to slow down and simply have time to “be,” rather than to complete some task. Relaxation procedures, meditation, prayer, and yoga can help slow the world down. Give yourself 30 minutes a day to do what you want. Remove some of the stress from your life.

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