The key to healthy aging is prevention and information. Learn more about the signs of aging and how to combat them with our tips and advice.

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10 Healthy Habits That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

From exercise to sleep to healthy eating, the choices you make every day can help prevent dementia and keep your...

Christie Brinkley’s Age-Defying Secrets to Make 65 Look Like 34

The quintessential supermodel and ultimate Uptown Girl spills her tips to turning back the clock.

There’s a Shocking (and Scary) Link Between Driving and Your Mental Health, According to Science

You might want to reconsider your long work commute after reading this.

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What These 7 Men Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves About Their Health

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Here’s How You Can Look and Feel Younger Right This Very Minute

Hint: It has to do with your favorite tunes!

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50 Reasons Why You’ll Age Better Than Your Parents

From new medical treatments to smarter nutrition, today's adults have a good shot at living healthier into old age

This Is the Real Reason You’re Right- or Left-Brained—and It Has Nothing to Do with Creativity

And no, righties don't have an advantage (unless it comes to holding scissors).

10 Secrets to Living a Long, Healthy Life as a “Super Ager”—According to Science

Super agers are a group of older adults who have cognitive abilities on par with people decades younger than them....

To Live Longer, Do This One Thing—According to the World’s Healthiest Village

Turns out, the secret to living longer is way simpler than you think.

Why a Little Forgetfulness Is Actually a Good Thing

A little memory lapse may actually be a sign that your brain is working. Here's what you need to know

Your Brain Has a “Delete” Button—and Using It Couldn’t Be Easier

Hint: It's all in your head... No expensive gadgets needed!

Forget Facial Expressions and Reputation: 3 Surprising Rules to Sharpen Your Trust Instincts

Here are the real factors to focus on to determine the trustworthy people in your life.

Science Just Proved That You Can (and Should!) Doodle All You Want—Here’s Why

With nothing more than pencil and paper, you can make yourself happy (and possibly smarter!) in under three minutes.

Can’t Concentrate? You’re Probably Not Getting Enough of These 10 Foods

Are there meals that can mend your mind? We asked the experts for real brain foods: Here are the treats...

Is Soda Bad for Your Brain? The Science Is Seriously Scary

Before you pop open another can of cola, wrap your mind around this.

5 Brain-Boosting Foods That Will Make You Smarter

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. And if you add these foods to your diet, your brain...

The Science Is In! This Diet Lets You Eat Your Way to a Younger, Healthier Brain

You already know that you are what you eat, but your food choices can have an even bigger effect on...

This Faucet Will Change the Way You Think About Aging

With backyard wisdom, the author’s grandfather explains the secrets of aging and a life well-lived.

Why Some Songs Get Stuck in Your Head, According to Science

Psychologists explain why "Moves Like Jagger" has been playing on repeat in your mind since you stepped foot in the...

Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym? Science Says Try This To Get Motivated

Why is it so hard to build motivation to work out? Science explains...

8 Reasons You’re Suddenly Forgetting Things

Good news! These surprising causes of memory problems are all fixable.

10 Things All Highly Creative People Do

Are you are an HCP (Highly Creative Person)? All of us are born creative, Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire...

6 of the Best Brain-Boosting Activities With Science on Their Side

How you spend your leisure time can play a powerful role in protecting your brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease....

The Beautiful Life of Your Brain

A look at the neuroscience of our most human traits—love, anger, compassion—and how to harness your mental muscle for a...

These 11 Little Habits Are Blocking Your Creativity

Experts say everyone has the capacity to be creative, but many of our daily thoughts and actions may subtly sabotage...

Can You Pass the Longevity Test?

This deceptively simple measure of flexibility and strength can predict if you will have a long life.

10 Proven Ways to Boost Creative Thinking

Creativity isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. The latest psychological research shows that simple tweaks to your environment and behavior can make...