Pollen season isn’t the only time allergies can disrupt your day to day. Read more about what could be the cause of your allergy symptoms.

The 7 Best Nasal Sprays for Allergies

Nasal spray can help reduce allergy symptoms, like congestion and sinus pressure. Breathe easier with these allergist-recommended nasal sprays.

10 Surprising Ways You Can Stop Seasonal Allergies in Their Tracks

Allergists share their best tips on how to manage seasonal allergies, from getting rid of mold to reducing stress.

7 Foods That Can Make Your Allergies Worse

Wine, spicy wings, and other surprising things that you may want to cut back on during allergy season.

The 9 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

Our experts picked the best air purifiers for pet owners. Here's how they can rid the air in your...

Allergy Symptoms Hijacking Your Day? 10 Things to Try

Doctors offer their tips for how to cope with allergy symptoms at work, from tidying your desk to investing in an air...

Indoor Allergens: 9 Common Allergy Triggers and What To Do About Them

Here are the most common indoor allergy triggers and the best strategies to reduce your exposure to home allergens like...

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Have a Severe Reaction to a Bug Bite? It Could Be Papular Urticaria

Itchy, red bumps with fluid-filled blisters—these are the signs of papular urticaria, an allergic reaction to a bug bite....

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What Is Skin Writing? Everything You Need to Know

Red, raised, itchy, and swollen skin from light touch can be a sign of dermatographic urticaria—aka skin writing....

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How to Patch Test Skin Products to See If You’re Allergic

It can be hard to predict how your skin will react to a new skin care product, but a...

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Are At-Home Allergy Tests Accurate? Here’s What Allergists Say

There's a dizzying array of at-home allergy tests. Find out if the convenience is worth the cost. Here's what...

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Loss of Smell: Is It Seasonal Allergies or Covid-19?

Is your loss of smell seasonal allergies or Covid-19? Allergists explain the differences and offer allergy relief...

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These 9 Foods Are the Most Common Causes of Food Allergies

Although you can be allergic to any food, these are the most common food allergies. Here's what

Do Car Air Purifiers Really Work?

Allergens, odors, pollution, and Covid-19 are just a few reasons you may want a car air purifier. But whether...

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Do Personal Air Purifiers Work? What to Know Before You Buy

A personal air purifier can improve the indoor air quality of your surroundings. Here's what makes some devices effective...

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7 Best Air Purifiers for Mold, According to Experts

Reduce mold in your home for better respiratory health. These air purifiers for mold meet our experts' standards...

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If You Have Winter Allergies, Here’s Why and What Experts Recommend

Seasonal allergies don't just happen in the spring and fall. Learn about the symptoms of winter allergies, as well...

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What You Need to Know About Ozone Air Purifiers

An ozone air purifier, or ozone generator, can only remove certain pollutants in the air, not including dust or...

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Do UV Air Purifiers Really Work?

An UV air purifier claims to clean the air in your home and kill airborne viruses, like Covid-19,...

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Don’t Let Your Home Make Your Fall Allergies Worse

Just because you're waving goodbye to summer doesn't mean hay fever goes with it. Here's how to allergy-proof every room...

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8 Air Purifiers for Better Air Quality, According to Allergists

Filter and clean the air you breathe from indoor allergens inside your home with these air purifiers recommended by...

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6 Signs You Could Have a Mosquito Bite Allergy

Could you have a mosquito bite allergy? Discover the symptoms and treatment for this rare but serious condition.

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6 Easy-to-Miss Signs You Might Have a Food Allergy

If you experience any of these strange symptoms, you may have a food allergy and your body could be reacting...

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Can You Reverse Food Allergies? What Experts Want You to Know

There's no way to reverse or cure a food allergy yet, but scientists are working on it. In the meantime,...

The Most Common Food Allergies to Develop as an Adult

Most people think of food allergies as a childhood problem, but more adults are developing them than ever before. Here's...

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Food Allergy or Food Intolerance? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Food intolerance symptoms can mimic symptoms of allergies. These are the differences between the two that allergists want you to...

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9 Foods That May Help Ease Your Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be a nightmare, but some foods, including fish and vitamin C-rich veggies, may help relieve allergy...

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You Might Have Oral Allergy Syndrome if These Foods Make Your Lips and Mouth Tingle

Oral allergy syndrome is the most common food allergy, but why haven't we heard more about it? Here's what...

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The 11 Allergy Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Medical experts clear up the most common misunderstandings about allergies that you need to stop believing right now for better...

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11 Natural Remedies for Allergies That Provide Relief

Tired of allergy meds that make you, well, tired? Try these natural allergy remedies to cut back on seasonal sniffles.

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10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Sneezing—and What You Can Do About It

We don't have to tell you: sneezing is normal. We all do it. But sometimes those achoos come out of...