Arthritis can be a painful condition that disrupts your everyday life. Learn about its causes, types of arthritis, symptoms, treatments and natural remedies.

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6 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Relief

Getting relief for your arthritis aches and pains could be as simple as a trip to your pantry.

Does Cracking Your Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

Sure, this common habit is annoying to others, but is it actually harmful? We got doctors to set the record...

Is Chair Yoga the Miracle Cure for Your Arthritis Pain?

New research suggests that osteoarthritis sufferers can benefit from this super simple yoga routine.

Want Healthy Joints and Cartilage? Make Sure You’re Doing These 8 Things

Cartilage naturally breaks down as you age, but taking the right steps could help keep your joints pain-free.

15 Life Hacks to Make Arthritis Less Painful

Don't let pain keep you from everyday activities.

Glucosamine Benefits: How It Fights Pain

This simple molecule may work miracles for your arthritis.

A Day in the Life of Your Knee

Got an achy twinge? A limp? Out-and-out arthritis? Well, why don’t you try asking your knee how it feels.

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Lose Weight, Beat Pain?

For many people with osteoarthritis — the most common form of arthritis — carrying excess pounds puts added stress on

Osteoarthritis: A Primer

Probably the most common age-related disease, osteoarthritis affects the joints of 16 million Americans, most over age 50. But pain...

Can X-Rays Help Diagnose Osteoarthritis?

Can imaging techniques help doctors diagnose osteoarthritis? Here's some information about how doctors diagnose arthritis.

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Arthritis Isn’t Inevitable

A guy walks into his doctor’s office. The doctor asks “What’s wrong?” “It’s my left knee,” the patient says. “It

9 Delicious Ways to Fight Arthritis

Surprise! These nutrient-rich foods help to enhance your health, enrich your life, and calm the pain of arthritis.

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Managing Arthritis Pain the Creative Way

Relieving pain has always been one of the chief goals of medicine, yet doctors traditionally haven’t addressed it as a

Secrets to Success: 33 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Arthritis Action Plan

Advice for arthritis you can use... right now.

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6 Supplements for Arthritis Sufferers

The basic goal of good nutrition is to get enough of everything — which is easy if you eat a

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Stretch Arthritis Stress Away

For many people, the stresses of life — be they mental or physical — show up quickly in the neck

Keep Joints Limber and Arthritis at Bay

Achieve greater mobility with these quick tips.