Miranda Manier

Miranda is the Associate Editor for TheHealthy.com and The Healthy section of Reader's Digest magazine. Previously, Miranda was a producer at WNIT, the PBS affiliate in South Bend, Indiana; and the producer in residence for Minneapolis TV news KARE 11, where she won an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Award for producing gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial. Miranda also interned at Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW, and worked as the managing editor at the Columbia Chronicle at Columbia College. Outside of work, Miranda enjoys acting, board games, and trying her hand at a good vegan dessert recipe. She also loves talking about TV—so tell her what you’re watching!
Gettyimages 1252382255 Mental Health Experts Explain How To Overcome Your Travel Anxiety

Why ‘Re-Entry Travel Anxiety’ Is Super Normal Right Now…Plus 5 Rules to Venture Out Again, from Psychologists

Don't let unexpected nerves keep you from getting away this summer. Experts explain why this post-pandemic travel anxiety is normal—and how to work through it.