Jennifer is a freelance writer and editor who has worked with many online sites, including Medical News Today, Healthline, Scientific American, Audubon, Love Nature, Yale Medical Magazine, and Mongabay. She covers all things science, but her passion projects usually relate to the environment, animals, and mental health. Jennifer holds a BS Hons Biology, a BA Hons English, and an MS in Journalism from Columbia University. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Jennifer now lives in the U.S. with her absurdly-unique rescue cat Jim Carrey and a jungle's worth of houseplants.
Mobility Exercise 90-90 with portrait of charlee atkins

4 Gentle Mobility Exercises a Trainer Says You Should Be Doing

Just five minutes a day of these mobility exercises could mean years of healthier movement (and lower risk of pain), says celeb trainer Charlee Atkins.