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These Are the Most In-Demand Cosmetic Treatments Around the Country

If you've recently researched your lip injections options and live in say, Phoenix, there might actually be a science as to why! According to new data from RealSelf, some U.S. areas stood out for having much higher (or much lower!) interest when compared to the national average. Read on to see what cosmetic treatments are trending in your state.


Salt Lake City: Breast Augmentation

Women in Salt Lake City are researching their options for various breast augmentation procedures at a 48.5 percent higher rate than the national average. “Utah is home to a sophisticated, well-educated population concerned about health and appearance,” says Renato Saltz, MD, a plastic surgeon based in Salt Lake. “So it’s not surprising that Salt Lake has become a destination for patients who want safe, cutting-edge aesthetic surgery.” Why else are breast augmentations so hot in Salt Lake? Dr. Saltz also attributes this interest to more women having children at a young age. He has seen many women in their late 20s looking to reverse the wear and tear of pregnancy. Make sure you know these things plastic surgeons aren’t telling you before going under the knife.

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New York City: Hair loss treatments

You might think New Yorker’s cosmetic interest would lead with nose jobs or Botox but Big Apple residents are 31 percent more interested in hair loss treatments than the rest of the country—and not necessarily on their head. “Two very common hair procedures I see on patients in New York City in particular are eyebrow and beard transplants,” says Jeffrey Epstein, MD, facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist. “Eyebrows because so many women plucked their eyebrows when they were a bit younger and beards likely because of the “hipster” trend which is a good seven years into its run.” Suffering from hair loss (on your head)? Here are some sneaky reasons why you might be suffering from hair loss.


Miami: Butt augmentations

Maybe it’s because they are spending more time in bathing suits than the rest of the U.S., but Miami’s interest in butt augmentation procedures is a whopping 93.7 percent higher than the average nationally! According to RealSelf data, Miami also has nearly four plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents. In fact, 231 plastic surgeons work in the Miami metro area, which means there are plenty of options for prospective butt augmentation patients. Here are some weird plastic surgery procedures you didn’t know existed.


Seattle: Eyelid surgery

Emerald City residents are giving a new meaning to the phrase “eyes wide open.” Seattle’s interest in blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, a procedure that tightens or removes excess sagging skin around the eyes, is 22.2 percent higher than the rest of the country. Patients visit William Portuese, MD, a plastic surgeon in Seattle for eyelid help, complaining that they always look tired but feel well-rested. For this quick procedure that promises brighter, tighter and more open eyes, it’s no wonder eyelid surgery has a 94 percent ‘Worth It‘ rating on RealSelf. Would rather use a more natural approach to making your eyes stand out? Try these makeup tricks to make your eyes pop.

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San Diego: Botulinum toxin

Fresh-faced and wrinkle-free seem to be a Southern California staple. San Diegan’s are searching for botulinum toxins (a.k.a. Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) almost 30 percent higher than the rest of the country. Amir Karam, MD, a fasical plastic surgeon in San Diego, advises anyone interested in these is that “the goal is not to simply “freeze” the wrinkles but to soften them while allowing acceptable expression so you don’t look like you’ve had botox.” Curious about Botox? Read what you need to know first.


Los Angeles: Rhinoplasty

In the land of headshots and always putting your best face forward, it makes sense that interest in rhinoplasty—or nose jobs—takes the lead in Los Angeles. Locals are weighing their rhinoplasty options 32.5 percent more than everyone else in the U.S. And with more surgical and non-surgical options available than ever, there’s less (or no!) downtime and faster results. Check out the “liquid nose job” and other unexpected beauty treatments you can get on your lunch hour.


Phoenix: Lip augmentation

The quest for fuller lips has never been stronger, especially (and surprisingly!) in Phoenix, which has an almost 32 percent higher interest in various lip procedures. And its not all about making lips bigger—visitors to RealSelf are now researching lip fillers (like Volbella) for other beauty blunders like bleeding lipstick. “Because Volbella is finer and softer than most other lip fillers, it’s the perfect choice for thinner lines and wrinkles around the mouth,” says Joel Schlessinger, MD, a dermatologic surgeon. “It can be used to treat the superficial layers of the skin without looking lumpy or bumpy. More often than not, these lines are the culprit behind lip color bleeding and feathering.” If cosmetic treatment isn’t in your budget, here’s how to get fuller lips without breaking the bank.

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Austin: Skin care

Perhaps it’s all of the sun and dry air responsible for Austin residents searching 16 percent more than the rest of the country for the best skincare options. Where to start with so many options? “Get started on a routine skin care regimen that involves gentle exfoliation (an alpha-hydroxy acid or light glycolic acid can do the trick) of dead skin cells, followed by a sunscreen and moisturizer,” says Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon in Austin. Here are some other skin-care tips from dermatologists you should always keep in mind.


Atlanta: Liposuction

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you exert or how dedicated you are, there are certain areas of the body that are just immune to diet and exercise. Enter liposuction, an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that don’t care how much you watch what you eat or how many hours you spend spinning. Atlanta locals might be ahead of the lipo-curve here as they’re researching the procedure almost 26 percent higher than the national average. The good news is that liposuction has evolved over the years and it’s a better procedure than ever. Find out how liposuction has changed over time.


Richmond, Virginia: Non-surgical fat reduction

If you’re dealing with a stubborn pocket of fat but aren’t ready for a more invasive procedure like liposuction, non-surgical fat reduction treatments (like CoolSculpting or Sculpsure) are your best bet. Just ask the Richmond residents who are 23 percent more interested in these procedures than the other metro areas. “CoolSculpting does not reduce the size of the cells, it destroys the individual fat cells, leaving you with long lasting results,” says Burton Sundin, MD, a plastic surgeon in Richmond. “You are born with a finite number of fat cells, so if our body uses those cells to store fat, they increase in size. CoolSculpting works by essentially destroying those fat cells, which are actually storage units.”

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