Face and Body Care

Face and body care is essential in living a healthy, happy life. Read about caring for your face, stretch marks, cellulite and more.

This Is Why the Skin on Your Knees and Elbows Is Darker Than the Rest of Your Body

Why is the skin on your elbows and knees darker than the rest of your body? And what can you...

A Day in the Life of Your Skin

Why scratching feels so good, moisturizer is my saving grace, and salmon is my favorite food.

17 Totally Not Dumb Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask About Underarms

Got a burning question about your armpits? We've left no stone unturned in our quest to answer all your armpit...

If You’re Thinking of Getting a Tattoo, You Need to Know About These Scary Side Effects

Once common only to sailors, criminals, and other tough customers, tattoos now adorn nearly one in three Americans, per a...

9 Detoxifying Ingredients You Need to Add to Your Skin-Care Routine

Free radicals, pollution, and even makeup can take its toll on your complexion. These detoxifying ingredients are like a juice...

The Best Essential Oils for Your Beauty Routine

Give your beauty regimen an extra boost with these natural skin, hair, and body enhancers.

Don’t Get Burned—11 Proven Ways to Prevent Razor Burn

We're putting an end to the redness and burning once and for all.

There’s Now a Patch That Can Remove Those Regrettable Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal just got a little bit easier thanks to a revolutionary new patch.

Micellar Water, a Popular Beauty Trend Dating Back to France in the 1900s, Is Officially Back

This cleansing trend is being picked up by all the big beauty brands, but does it live up to the...

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17 Skin Care Tips Dermatologists Follow Themselves

Maintain healthy and younger-looking skin with these skin care tips from top dermatologists.

Yes, You Probably Have Body Odor—Even If You Can’t Always Tell When You Smell

Think you stink? Go ahead and sneak a sniff of your own armpit, though it might not actually tell you...

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The 15 Best Summer Serums to Solve All Your Skin Problems

Trade those heavy creams and even moisturizers for lightweight serums packed with concentrated active ingredients that target your specific complexion...

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15 Summer Foods for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Curious how to get glowing skin? Load your meals with these delicious summer foods, recommended by food experts, for a...

Why Rose-Infused Beauty Buys Are Your Skin’s New Best Friend

Stop and smell the roses—or better yet, add them to your beauty routine.

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10 Ways Dermatologists Switch Up Their Skin Care Routine Every Summer

Want to know how the top experts change their skin care regimen when the weather turns warm? Here, dermatologists...

Ignoring 2 Letters on Your Skin-Care Products Could Be Wrecking Your Complexion

These two letters could mean the difference between dry, flaky, angry skin—and the clear, dewy complexion you're going for.

The Best-Ever DIY Face Masks for Your Biggest Skin Concerns

Facial masks are the among the hottest, must-have skin-care items today, with some costing upward of $100 and others made...

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9 Hacks for Your Most Common Summer Skin Problems

Find some sweet relief so you can enjoy the weather without rashes, itches, or burns.

12 Skin-Care Gurus Reveal the Products They Can’t Live Without

Want a dewy, glowy, youthful complexion? We asked the creators of cult classic beauty products about the products they rely...

What’s the Deal with Vegan Skin Care? Dermatologists Explain the Trend

Even if you're a cheese and meat lover with zero interest in eating a vegan diet, you might still want...

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8 Dermatologist-Approved Homemade Skin Care Treatments

Dermatologists weigh in on the do-it-yourself skin care treatments that can help promote good skin health on your face.

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Why Is Cellulite So Dang Hard to Get Rid of?

Even after you lose weight, those stubborn lumps never seem to smooth out. What gives?

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8 Signs Your Skin Products Are Secretly Damaging Your Face

Dermatologists share the skin care reactions that indicate it's probably time to stop using a certain product.

Is It Possible to Use Too Many Skin-Care Products? A Dermatologist Explains

Sometimes less is more: Get the most from your skincare by using the right products in the right order.

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11 Beauty Secrets Women With Oily Skin Should Memorize

A dermatologist and beauty experts offer their top tips for how to treat oily skin and keep shine at bay...

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13 Ways Dermatologists Change Up Their Skin Care for Spring and Summer

Dermatologists reveal how they update their skin care routine for the spring and summer seasons, plus seasonal beauty tips for...

12 Dermatologists Reveal What They Always Keep in Their Gym Bags

Ever wonder how the pros do it? These are the exercise essentials that derms wouldn't dream of working out without.