Your hair may need more TLC than you think. Read up on hair loss, hair growth, tips for maintaining healthy hair, styling tips and more.

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7 Silent Signs Your Hair Is Desperate for Certain Nutrients

Much like our fluctuating moods, our hair has good days and bad days. But if you've noticed changes in your locks that seem abnormal or constant, it's time to dig deeper.

This Is the Time of Year That People Lose More of Their Hair—but No One Knows Why

Don't worry, you're not getting old—it may just be the seasons.

10 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Ginger You Should Know About

Ginger root has been used by cultures across the globe for thousands of years in everything from cooking, medicine, and...

Biotin-Rich Foods for Your Healthiest Hair and Nails Ever

Could more biotin be the secret to stronger hair and nails? Experts think so. Find out more and get the...

The Hidden Danger of Dry Shampoo You Need to Be Worried About

You might not want to skip that shower for the third day this week.

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Thinning Hair? Doctors Recommend This At-Home Trick

Are your locks starting to look less-than lustrous? Try scalp massage—a simple DIY solution to improve hair thickness

8 Clear Signs It’s Time to Start Taking a Hair Vitamin

Your hair gets a lot of attention—and it often really needs it. You can support healthy-looking locks by getting the...

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How to Repair Sun Damaged Hair, According to Hairstylists

Hairstylists offer expert tips for restoring and repairing sun damaged hair, from getting a trim to using leave-in hair conditioners.

This New, Cutting-Edge Treatment Could Be the End of Baldness

When hair goes, there's usually no getting it back. In a boon to receding hairlines everywhere, science has discovered a...

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The Serious Reason You Need to Stop Keeping Hair Ties Around Your Wrist

Your handy carrying spot could be a major health risk.

This Popular Shampoo Is Killing Your Hair—Here’s What to Use Instead

Beauty aisles are loaded with clarifying shampoo options, but unless you have a very specific hair type, they're probably doing...

Good News, Guys: There’s a Huge Scientific Benefit to Being Bald!

Feeling a bit breezy up there? Here's why your baldness could actually be a good thing, according to science.

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11 Must-Try Tricks for Having Healthy, Gorgeous Hair All Summer Long

Save your hair from sun damage with these hair pro tips that can help prevent your summer hair from...

11 Stylist-Approved Hair Masks for Every Hair Type

Whether you're a curly Sue or stick-straight Sally, there's a hair mask designed just for you to deliver the 'do...

11 Blow-Dry Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Style

Think you blow-dry like a pro? Many common mistakes you don't even realize you're making can wreak havoc on your...

Go From Flat to Full (for Every Hair Texture)

From thickening root powders to anti-frizz mousses, only the right hair products for your hair texture will give you real...

Science Has Found Out Why Shorter Men Go Bald More Often

George Costanza, the lovably balding sidekick from Seinfeld, would be pleased to learn the results of this new study.

Growing Out Your Hair? Memorize These 11 Healthy-Hair Tricks

Want to grow your hair out or just spend less money on so many regular haircuts? Healthier hair will keep...

The Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

If you've looked in the mirror and wondered, "How would I look with a soul patch? A goatee? Maybe a...

Why You Need to Have a Spoonful of Sugar Handy the Next Time You Wash Your Hair

It turns out that this basic kitchen staple may hold the key to finally getting rid of your dryness and...

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These Hair Mistakes Are Giving You Split Ends

Once split ends start popping up, it seems like there's no stopping them—but there is hope.

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Here’s What Could Happen If You Don’t Change Your Razor

Keeping the same blades for too long can put you at risk for cuts, infections, and more.

Sorry—This Popular Trick Will NOT Make Your Hair Shinier

New findings will make you rethink the value of the cold water treatment that hair stylists have been swearing by...

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14 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Laser Hair Removal

Are you ready to put your razor down for good? Here's what you need to know before making your first...

9 Miracle-Working Hair Products Every Woman Needs in Her Life

It's time to start giving your hair the TLC you normally reserve for your skin. These heavenly creams, oils, and...

Greasy Hair? 8 Easy Ways to Make Oily Hair Look Gorgeous

No one should feel stuck with limp, greasy locks when these beauty tricks can help you rock healthy, shine hair...

12 Worst Pieces of Beauty Advice You Can Safely Ignore

From radical procedures to ridiculous tips, beauty pros tell us the absurd advice clients have heeded and the expert tricks...