Beauty starts from within. Discover secrets on aging, foods that keep you looking healthy inside and out, beauty tips and more.

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11 Secrets Your Skin Wishes You Knew

These tips for showering, moisturizing, and even eating will help you get the complexion you want.

16 Things Your Manicurist Is Secretly Thinking About You

From hygiene tips to dishy gossip: Everything your nail technician wishes they could say but doesn't.

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18 Bad Habits That Are Thinning Your Hair

Using the wrong styling products and too-tight hairstyles are just two everyday activities that can cause thinning hair. Find...

31 Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Cosmetics insiders share little-known secrets behind the products you're putting on your face.

7 Things Your Nails Can Reveal About Your Health

Changes to the shape, color, and texture of your nails are sometimes a sign of something serious.

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10 Surprising Conditions Your Hands Might Predict

From finger length to grip strength, our hands can indicate risk factors for a number of surprising conditions.

7 Stretch Mark Home Remedies That Are Worth Trying

A top dermatologist (and new mom herself) shares some at-home tips and tricks for fighting back against those pesky tiger...

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7 Sneaky Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out

Hair shedding is natural. You lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But if you notice...

12 Things Dermatologists Do in the Winter that You Don’t

Frigid temps and whipping winds may sound like a prescription for itchy, dry, cracked skin. But winter doesn’t have to...

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10 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

You may be looking for DIY solutions, but applying the wrong item to your face could cause lasting damage.

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7 Nighttime Habits that Ruin Your Hair

Your beauty sleep could be getting in the way of having healthy, luscious hair.

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8 Things Dermatologists Wish Women Knew About Cellulite

Dimpling on the skin, like on the thighs, is common in women, but before you try an unfounded cellulite...

11 Health Secrets Your Hands Are Trying to Tell You

Give them a once-over. From a weak grip to long fingers and rashes to nail problems, your mitts are sending...

The Best Anti-Aging Products for Every Decade of Your Life

Skin experts reveal the right ingredients and best anti-aging products to use for a glowing complexion for your skin type...

The Best Way to Wash Your Face, According to Your Skin Type

Turns out that there's a lot more to cleaning your face than just soap and water. We spoke with a...

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The Best Dandruff Shampoos You Can Buy

Dandruff is embarrassing and can be intensely itchy. Finding relief starts with understanding what's causing it, then using the right...

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9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter

Skin experts reveal the nine most common showering mistakes in the winter that can actually hurt your skin

9 Reasons Your Skin Hates You

Who knew toothpaste and washcloths could be so infuriating?

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6 Facts That Will Convince You to Throw Out Your Old Makeup—Stat!

The effects of expired makeup may not be worth the risk.

11 Little-Known Turmeric Benefits for Glowing Skin and Hair

You've seen its fluorescent yellow color and tasted its pungent flavor, but this kitchen spice also may have powerful benefits...

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13 OTC Skin Care Products Dermatologists Love

There's no appointment or co-pay required for these products that work wonders on your skin.

8 Things Your Hair Is Desperately Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Your mane is smarter than you think. Here's what your hair can reveal about everything from what you eat to...

12 Things You Never Knew About Varicose Veins

If you think varicose veins only affects old people, you couldn't be more wrong. Here, a doctor shares all the...

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The 12 Absolute Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

Top hairstylists uncover your most surprising strand slips—and offer quick fixes to get back to having luscious locks in no...

9 Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Men

Changing your diet, easing up on stress, and a visit to your doctor are just a few of the things...

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12 Everyday Habits That Are Wrecking Your Hair and Nails

Experts offer solutions to habits that actually can hurt the health of your hair and nails, from eating...

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16 Surprising Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out

Whether your hair is thinning or coming out in clumps, these health conditions and styling mistakes could be to...

Thinning Hair, Dandruff, Graying, and More: 16 Hair Mysteries Explained

Hair is an important aspect of our appearance, and that can affect self-esteem and identity. So it's best to know...

13 Ways You’re Washing Your Face Wrong

Dermatologists share common face-washing mistakes to avoid, from washing too often to letting products build up, for better skin...