Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Learn about signs of breast cancer, its causes, risk factors and more.

How 17 Under-50 Women Learned They Had Breast Cancer—and What Helped Them Through It

A cancer diagnosis is anything but easy—and, while it can change a person’s life in a million ways, just one of those might be for the better. Read these inspiring stories of strong survivors whose breast cancer fueled them to become “thrivers.”

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What Lymphatic Drainage Massage Can and Can’t Do for Your Body

Lymphatic drainage massages can help move fluid from the body's tissues back into the bloodstream. Here's how they work and...

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Breast Cancer: What Doctors Want You to Know About Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Learn the basics about breast cancer prevention, symptoms, treatment, and care.

My Mom Had Breast Cancer—Here’s Why I Won’t Get the BRCA Test

A simple blood test could determine whether I have a gene mutation that puts me at high risk of developing...

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16 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

The first breast cancer gene was identified in 1994, and doctors have found many more since. Here's what else you...

Here’s Why Obesity Raises Breast Cancer Risk, According to Science

Could keeping an eye on the scale help lessen your chances of breast cancer?

5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Breast- and Ovarian-Cancer Genes

Here's what you may not know about BRCA genes and what goes into the decisions thousands of women make every...

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HRT and Breast Cancer: What Doctors Need You to Know

Taking hormone replacement therapy for the symptoms of menopause is a highly individualized decision—here are the factors you need to...

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Are Self-Breast Exams Necessary? What Women Need to Know

Evidence is growing that monthly self-tests don’t reduce deaths from breast cancer, but you shouldn’t ignore your breasts, either. These...

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7 Household Products That May Be Linked to Breast Cancer

Everyday products aren’t considered as big a problem as other risk factors when it comes to breast cancer, but...

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50 Everyday Habits That Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Each October brings pink ribbons and fund-raising for breast cancer research. These 50 expert-approved habits may help reduce your...

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If You Have High Blood Pressure, You May Be at Higher Risk for This Cancer

If you have high blood pressure, you may have a slightly higher breast cancer risk as well, although experts aren't...

Male Breast Cancer: What Doctors Need You to Know

While it's thankfully rare, men do get breast cancer. Knowing these 14 things could save your life—or a loved one's.

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8 Reasons to Request an Earlier Mammogram

Experts recommend you start mammograms at 45; however, there are some factors that may make you want to start breast...

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This Is the Best Diet for Breast Cancer Prevention

With some simple—and tasty—changes to your diet, you may gain more protection against breast cancer.

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Do You Need a Mammogram or Not? What to Know About the Age Guidelines

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines say women do not need yearly mammograms until age 50, but it's highly...

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7 Habits That May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Our experts reveal the habits that may help prevent breast cancer, from weight management to understanding your family history.

Drinking This Regularly Could Stop Breast Cancer Cells from Growing

Ladies, you may want to swap out your morning cup of coffee for an alternative hot beverage.

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Abnormal Mammogram? 7 Questions You Must Ask

If your mammogram results are abnormal, don't panic. Make sure you ask your health care provider these important questions instead.

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Breast Cancer in Men: 8 Subtle Signs and Symptoms

Fewer men get breast cancer than women, but men still need to be aware of it. Here are some of...

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10 Foods That May Help Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

No food can prevent (or cure) breast cancer, but adding these to your diet may help lower your cancer risk.

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13 Breast Cancer Myths You Can Safely Ignore

We asked top oncologists the myths they hear the most. Here are the facts about breast cancer.

6 Simple Changes You Can Make to Prevent Breast Cancer

Ask yourself: "Am I doing all I can to prevent breast cancer?" These lifestyle strategies will protect you against one...

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The Age You Sip Your First Drink Could Determine Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Depending on how old you were when you knocked back your first drink—and how you drink now—could dramatically impact your...

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8 Signs of Breast Cancer You Might Be Ignoring (Besides a Lump)

Nearly 250,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It’s important to pay attention to any breast...

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These 14 Women Are Grateful for Their BRCA Diagnosis—Here’s Why

Learning that you're high risk for one or several types cancers is undoubtedly scary and life-changing to say the least,...

Study Sheds Light on How Certain Foods May Impact Breast Cancer

Researchers looked at how compounds in green tea and broccoli sprouts affected laboratory-grown breast cancer cells and tumors in mice.

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Why Surgery Isn’t Always Necessary for This Form of Breast Cancer

Research suggests that thousands of women with DCIS may be receiving unnecessary treatment for breast cancer. A professor of radiation...

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Why This Woman With Metastatic Breast Cancer Posed as a Mermaid

Susan Rosen kept a blog of her journey with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer: "I feel like I'm giving somebody...