Read about breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, ovarian, prostate and skin cancer symptoms, myths and survivor stories.

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7 Cancers that Are Notoriously Tricky to Detect Early

While research has come a long way in detecting various forms of cancer, there are still many that don't...

13 Breast Cancer Myths You Can Safely Ignore

We asked top oncologists the myths they hear the most. Here are the facts about breast cancer.

14 Things Ob-Gyns Desperately Wish You Knew About Ovarian Cancer

The early symptoms of ovarian cancer are easily missed, so getting educated is one of the best things you can...

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7 Silent Signs of Bladder Cancer You Might Be Ignoring

Bladder cancer usually affects more men than women, and it often develops in people over the age of 55. No...

7 Hopeful Cancer Statistics Everyone Should Know

The fight against cancer is far from over, but we've made more progress than you might think.

10 Common Myths About Ovarian Cancer You Need to Ignore

Knowing the truth about this scary cancer can help you protect yourself.

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33 Inspiring Cancer Quotes From Survivors

People who have survived cancer have been through a lot—and they've learned a lot. These cancer quotes may help you...

8 Silent Signs of Testicular Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Testicular cancer afflicts one in 263 men. Knowing the symptoms could save your life.

14 Cancer Warning Signs Your Doctor Should Never Ignore

There are many common symptoms that could be perfectly normal or could be a cause for concern. Here's how to...

7 Scary Cancers You Can Help Prevent Just By Exercising

You know that daily exercise benefits your body and your brain. But another hidden plus of going to the gym:...

7 Surprising Habits That Lead to Prostate Cancer

Getting older raises you risk for developing prostate cancer, and so does being tall. But those risk factors you have...

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Likely to Ignore

Many cancer signs mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions, so it’s easy to brush them aside. All the doctors...

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9 Silent Signs of Liver Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Although liver cancer is rare, your doctor might recommend regular screenings if you’re at high risk.

The One Summer Diet That Can Stop Skin Cancer

It's not a substitute for wearing sunscreen, but this tasty meal plan can help protect you against the sun from...

10 Sneaky Places You Can Get Skin Cancer (That Aren’t on Your Skin)

Skin cancer is highly treatable if caught early so make sure you're checking these surprising spots and symptoms of

10 Places You’re Ignoring When You Check for Skin Cancer

A head-to-toe monthly check is your best defense against nonmelanoma and more serious melanoma cancers.

6 Simple Changes You Can Make to Prevent Breast Cancer

Ask yourself: "Am I doing all I can to prevent breast cancer?" These lifestyle strategies will protect you against one...

21 Reassuring Things Scientists Wish You Knew About Cancer

America's top scientists talk about the incredible progress they're making against the disease. They share their optimism—and reveal how you...

10 Fruits and Vegetables that Will Keep Cancer at Bay

We've all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Read on to learn about 10 cancer-fighting...

15 Skin Cancer Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Health experts help dispel the most common skin cancer myths people believe, such as it's okay to ease up...

The Age You Sip Your First Drink Could Determine Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Depending on how old you were when you knocked back your first drink—and how you drink now—could dramatically impact your...

9 Surprising Skin Cancer Risks You Might Be Ignoring

Viagra? A morning glass of OJ? These unexpected factors can actually raise your risk of skin cancer.

16 Things Cancer Patients Wish You Knew

To be as supportive as possible, understand what your loved ones who are cancer patients are really going through.

10 Signs You Need a Dermatologist—STAT!

Whether it's a suspicious mole, a rash that just won't go away, or a possible tick bite, early intervention is...

5 Signs of Prostate Cancer Men Should Never Ignore

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Though the disease often never presents with...

8 Signs of Breast Cancer You Might Be Ignoring (Besides a Lump)

Nearly 250,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It’s important to pay attention to any breast...

9 Causes of Cancer That Might Surprise You

And because the C-word isn’t a surprise anyone wants, learn how best to protect yourself from these cancer causes.

15 Things in Your Home That Can Cause Cancer

Your couch, your fridge—even your nice countertops could be hiding cancer-causing substances. Here's what you can do about it, according...

11 Things About Lung Cancer Doctors Wish You Knew

You probably know smoking leads to lung cancer, but that's only part of the story. Here's the latest on prevention...