Skin Cancer

Exposure to the sun isn’t the only cause of skin cancer. Read up on types of skin cancer and their signs, and how you can take steps to prevent it.

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What to Expect When You Get a Mole Removed

After having a few moles removed, I was surprised by how long the scars took to heal. Here's what I learned about smoother—and faster—recovery

50 Things Dermatologists Need You to Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer there is, period. This is what dermatologists want you to know about skin...

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Why People With Red Hair Have a Higher Risk of Skin Cancer

Research shows the cancer risk could be higher because of alterations in one gene in people with red hair.

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7 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Check For Now

A guide to inspecting your body for melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

My Blurry Vision Turned out to Be Skin Cancer—in My Eye

Most people have heard of melanoma—but ocular melanoma? Britta Fortson's diagnosis at age 18 sent shock waves through her life....

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This Specific Fingernail Mark Could Be a Melanoma Symptom

Don't brush off this easy-to-ignore symptom.

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12 Silent Signs of Skin Cancer You’re Probably Ignoring

Dermatologists reveal the silent signs of skin cancer that are often overlooked, such as a pimple that doesn't go...

Why These 12 States Need to Take Skin Cancer Risk More Seriously

If you think the warmest, sunniest states have the highest risk of skin cancer, you definitely have to read this.

The One Summer Diet That Can Stop Skin Cancer

It's not a substitute for wearing sunscreen, but this tasty meal plan can help protect you against the sun from...

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10 Sneaky Places You Can Get Skin Cancer (That Aren’t on Your Skin)

Skin cancer is highly treatable if caught early so make sure you're checking these surprising spots and symptoms of

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10 Places You’re Ignoring When You Check for Skin Cancer

A head-to-toe monthly check is your best defense against nonmelanoma and more serious melanoma cancers.

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15 Skin Cancer Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Health experts help dispel the most common skin cancer myths people believe, such as it's okay to ease up...

9 Surprising Skin Cancer Risks You Might Be Ignoring

Viagra? A morning glass of OJ? These unexpected factors can actually raise your risk of skin cancer.

10 Signs You Need a Dermatologist—STAT!

Whether it's a suspicious mole, a rash that just won't go away, or a possible tick bite, early intervention is...

This Breakthrough Skin Cancer Treatment Could Save Thousands of Lives

The research results are incredibly promising.

Moles Are Not the Only Thing You Should Checking for When It Comes to Skin Cancer

In over 20,000 cases of melanoma, over 70 percent of cases arose from something other than moles.

Yes, Eye Freckles Are a Thing—and This Is What They Reveal About Your Health

Your eyes are the window to your soul, but did you know your eyes can also be a window into...

I Tried Mole Mapping. Here’s What Happened.

This preventative skin cancer measure may just save your life.

This One Food Could Cut Your Skin Cancer Risk in Half

Tomato lovers, rejoice: Your favorite ingredient could stop you getting cancer.

Uh Oh: Your White Wine Habit Is Putting You at Risk for This Scary Type of Cancer

We love white wine just as much as you do, but cutting back could reduce your risk for this deadly...

Two Types of Skin Cancer Are Skyrocketing—Are You At Risk?

Ever had a bad sunburn? Addicted to tanning beds? Can't be bothered to lather up the sunscreen for that day...

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8 Surprising Facts About Skin Cancer

Read on to find out what you need to know from dermatologists to save your skin—or your life.

Sun Exposure Is No Joke. You Need to Get Your Skin Checked ASAP

Decades of exposure come at a price. Now’s the time to be vigilant.

Vice Advice: Just How Bad Is Tanning?

So your skin is freckled and worn from a childhood full of sunshine, or you still risk a sunburn a...

What You Must Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer rates are soaring in the United States. An American’s lifetime risk of melanoma today is close to 1