Hearing Loss

How loud do you turn up your music? Learn about hearing loss causes, signs of hearing loss and more.

1.1 Billion Millennials Are at Risk for a Condition Linked to Dementia

This surprising age group—and the generation behind them—is at high risk of hearing loss, a condition that is also linked to dementia.

5 Silent Signs of Hearing Loss You May Be Ignoring

Hearing loss isn’t just for the elderly, so if you notice any of the following warning signs, like buzzing...

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Raise Your Risk of Hearing Loss?

The sad fact is that our risk of hearing loss increases as we age. But can hormone replacement therapy make...

When It’s OK to Buy an Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid

People want more affordable and accessible options for hearing loss. But is it really a good idea to fit yourself...

If You Live in Any of These Places, You Might Lose Your Hearing

Noisy cities aren't just annoying—they could also put your hearing at risk.

Only 14 Percent of People With Hearing Loss Use Hearing Aids. This Is a Major Health Crisis.

Ignoring hearing loss can raise the risk of dementia, falls, and other serious health concerns. Here, a writer with hearing...

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Can Noise Kill You?

There is another reason, apart from pollution, to avoid heavy traffic – the sheer noise may be a danger. Living

Protect Your Hearing

Hear a pin drop with these ear-improving ideas