This Is the Perfect Fat-Burning Exercise For People Who Hate Running

Running has plenty of benefits, with fat-burning being a major one. But you can get all the same calorie-torching benefits with this simple circuit exercise.

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Running isn’t for everyone. Maybe you have weird arches, maybe you’re prone to shin splints, or maybe you just have some bad memories about the mile run in high school. (Remember, you can always walk, it might just be better than running for fat-burning purposes.) But it’s hard to argue with the results—running is plain and simply one of the best options out there.

But fortunately for running refuters, there’s a stationery substitute you can do just about anywhere. The routine involves a series of five circuit exercises that you can execute in no time, according to Women’s Health. (Looking to live longer? This is exactly how many minutes of exercise you should be getting each week.

Your first circuit is the squat/star jump. Start with your feet in squatting position, spread about a foot and a half apart with your toes pointed slightly outward, right between being perpendicular to your shoulders and being parallel. Put your hands on your thighs or clasped in front of your chest, bend down into squatting position and then explode from your core into a “star.”

Next up, plank jacks. Start off in pushup position, with your feet together. You can also start off in forearm plank position. Now, quickly jump your feet spread to be parallel to your hands, making sure that your backside isn’t jutting up and down in the process, using your core to remain stable.

Circuit number three: lunge kickbacks. Begin in a deep lunge position with your hands on your hips. Now push down on your front leg while lifting up your hind leg behind you, using something to stabilize yourself if necessary. Your end position should be standing, with your back leg at a 45-degree angle behind you.

The fourth circuit is similar to the first, starting position and execution-wise. Slide on your pointe shoes for this one (don’t slide on your pointe shoes for this one): you’re doing plié hops. Start in a spread plié/squatting position, then heave yourself up into the air, using your core for execution.

The final circuit will ground you. Start sitting in a ball position, with your knees a few inches from your chest and your hands wrapped loosely around your kneecaps. Gently roll back so that your shoulders hit the ground behind you, then use your core to roll back into your original position, but when your feet hit the ground, push through and stand up.

For each one of these circuits, once you finish one execution, reset to the starting position and then repeat until you have completed 20 reps. This cardio workout will get your heart rate pumping and your fat burning—no running necessary. 

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[Source: Women’s Health]

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