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9 Ways to Get Rid of Your Love Handles (Without a Lick of Exercise)

No matter your nickname for the curves around the waistline and lower back, a spare tire or (the more pleasant-sounding) love handles are the top trouble spot for many women and men. Here are ways to reduce the appearance of belly fat and get rid of love handles without a single crunch or sit-up.


Take the high road

When choosing pants and skirts, opt for a high-waist style that will hide any excess fat around the middle. Mid-rise styles can also do the trick, but just make sure the waistline isn’t so low that it cuts into—and therefore, highlights—any unflattering curves. Find out how to dress 10 pounds slimmer.


Talk to your doc

If you eat relatively healthy and move your body on a regular basis, the scale shouldn’t shift too much. If you notice your waistband getting inexplicably tighter or you’re gaining weight without lifestyle changes, schedule a visit with your doctor to rule out hormonal imbalances (like for instance, these health problems can be blamed on a thyroid problem), other health concerns, or to evaluate whether a change in medication could help you in how to lose love handles. Check out these other sneaky factors behind weight gain.


Try a procedure

Maybe you’ve tried diets, and even exercise isn’t doing the trick since you can’t really “spot train” specific areas of your body. Turn to your dermatologists for a variety of options that might work for your waistline. “Getting rid of love handles without exercise used to be impossible but the innovation in fat reduction treatments these days has definitely made this a reality—imagine, an FDA-cleared device, that doesn’t even touch you, that’s clinically proven to reduce fat,” says Dendy Engelman, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. “It seems too good to be true, but I have been very happy with results my patients get with BTL Vanquish ME.” Check out these other 50 things doctors wish you knew about losing weight.


Find a flattering fit

When you don’t feel your best, sometimes you want to hide behind baggy clothing but ill-fitting tops and bottoms will just make the problem worse. Go too small, and every lump and bump will be on display; go too large and the fabric will hang on the largest feature and lead to a frumpy and boxy appearance. Take the time to find your size and avoid clothing that’s too small or too large to look your best. Plus, try these other 50 ways to lose weight without a lick of exercise.


Trust a tailor

Mass-produced clothing can’t possibly flatter every figure so ask around for recommendations for a tailor in your area. You don’t have to bring them every single item in your wardrobe but make an investment for your key closet staples and ask for their direction before your next shopping trip. This might not be the trick in how to get rid of love handles, but it can certainly help hide them in the meantime. If you’re having trouble shedding pounds, read these 17 tricks for getting over a weight-loss plateau.


Squeeze into some Spanx

The fact that Spanx creator, Sara Blakely, became the first female billionaire means women everywhere are hiding their love handles. Now, several brands offer similar products (for variety of trouble spots) and even men are getting in on the trend! To smooth your figure for an event, choose from several shapewear styles.


Set a “stand up” calendar reminder

Simply moving more during the day can mean a tighter figure, without any traditional exercise whatsoever, so set a calendar reminder on your phone or work computer to simply stand up once an hour. You might start by standing up an sitting right back down but it will likely turn into a quick stretch or a quick walk to refill your water for a win-win. Here are some telltale signs you need to move more.


Drink more water

Sometimes the easiest diet changes include adding instead of removing foods and drinks since banning foods always makes them that much more desirable. You could eat more of these 12 foods that help you burn calories, or just grab a water bottle. A 2016 study found that when men and women increased water intake, their sugar and fat consumption went down. Here are flavored water recipes you’ll want to guzzle.


Eat for heat

Diets are notoriously short-lived, so skip the strict nature of most of them and, just like your water intake, add instead of restrict. Add foods with fat-burning nutrients like calcium and fiber to your plate to help reduce body fat without exercise. Just don’t be fooled by these “healthy” foods that will make you gain weight.

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