According to a New Study, the Laziest Country in the World Is NOT the United States

One look at these sobering stats, and you'll be inspired to take a walk.


Humanity hasn’t quite evolved to the point of Wall-E-level sloth dystopia, but there certainly have been quite a few inventions aimed at easing up the effort. For example, Segways pretty much get you around at the same pace as a brisk walk, but we use them nonetheless.

Americans lose $27.8 billion per year due to laziness, but as it turns out, we aren’t the worst of the bunch. A new study from Stanford University revealed that Indonesia has us beat in the inactivity department.

The new study, which was published in Nature, anonymously analyzed the activity of 700,000 people the whole world over using the Argus activity monitoring app. All told, 68 million days worth of data were analyzed from different 111 countries.

The number was measured in steps, and America came out right around the middle in terms of activity, with an average of 4,774 steps per day. Hong Kong was the most active with 6,880 steps per day. Meanwhile, Indonesia clocked in at about 3,513 steps per day.

The study also concluded in an analysis of 69 different American cities that your environment determines how much you walk, “Higher walkability is associated with more daily steps across age, gender, and BMI groups.”

In essence, if it’s easy to walk in your area, you will walk in your area.

If you want to help up America’s ranking, there’s plenty of good excuses to go for a quick, 15-minute walk. After all, no one walk is the same.

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