15 Ways to Sneak In Walking Time

No time to exercise? We don’t buy it! There’s no one who can’t spare 30 minutes for a walk or

No time to exercise? We don’t buy it! There’s no one who can’t spare 30 minutes for a walk or fit more movement into his day. Remember, exercise helps your cells soak up more glucose so there’s less of it in your bloodstream. And once you get going, it feels terrific. Take these 15 opportunities to shake a leg.

1. Turn off the TV. You can fit in a 30-minute walk just by giving up one sitcom — especially if it’s a rerun.

2. Walk while you talk. Visit with a friend over a walk instead of lunch or coffee, or use a cell phone and gab while you tool around the neighborhood on foot power.

3. Walk somewhere you need to go. It’s called “running” errands, but if you can walk when you do them, great! Next time you have to pick up milk or mail a letter, walk to the nearest grocery store, post office, or mailbox instead of driving there.

4. Hit the stairs. It takes about the same time to wait for the elevator as it does to climb a flight of stairs.

5. Walk the dog. Instead of letting him out in the backyard, give both of you some exercise by taking him (or letting him take you) for a jaunt through the neighborhood.

6. Use your tube time. If you watch more than one hour of TV a day, invest in a treadmill and log a couple of miles during your favorite program.

7. Park farther away. You won’t have to fight for a parking space at the mall, the movie theater, or the grocery store, and you’ll barely notice the walk to the door.

8. Hustle at halftime. Next time you go to a sporting event — whether it’s professional football or your grandson’s softball game — don’t stay on the bench. Get up and walk around during halftime, in between quarters, or during time-outs. Just steer clear of the hot dog stand.

9. Pace while you’re waiting. Hurry up and wait — it’s a fact of life. While you’re waiting in the airport, at the doctor’s office, or at the take-out place, pace instead of sitting.

10. Clean the house. There’s no doubt about it: Housework is work. But who doesn’t enjoy the results? To get even more exercise mileage, alternate between upstairs and downstairs chores (instead of cleaning one floor at a time) to take advantage of the stairs — your home’s best calorie burner.

11. Babysit. Spend some time with a toddler and you’ll quickly realize (or remember) that they never sit still. You’ll have to chase them around to keep them out of trouble.

12. Comparison-shop. If you find an item at the mall, check out other stores to see if they have it for less. You’ll burn calories and potentially save money.

13. Use your lunch break. Eat lunch at your desk, then take a walk around the building or the block. You’ll have more energy for the afternoon — and will be more likely to avoid hitting the vending machine for a pick-me-up.

14. Pay your bills online. Or sign up for automatic bill paying through your credit card company. With the time you save, you can fit in one 30-minute walk. And your bills will never be late!

15. Listen to books on tape. Instead of sitting down to read, buy the book on tape and log some foot time as you play it on your portable stereo. You may even find yourself extending your stroll to hear more.

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