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15+ School Supplies That Can Make Your Kid Healthier

Back-to-school plans have parents thinking about kids' academics. But it's also a great time to reassess their health habits. With these products, you can make sure they are ready to start a new school year healthy and happy.


Eating right

Young people leaving home for the first time often rely on fast food and snacks leading to the inevitable freshman-15 weight gain and a decrease in their general health and fitness.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Nutritional Service says that the link between good balanced nutrition and learning is clear.

Help set your kids up for success by teaching them how to cook a few basic meals before they leave for college and let them pick out a cute cook set like T-fal’s Color Luxe Cookware in fun jeweled tones from $100. This nonstick cookware looks great and also features T-fal’s patented Thermo-Spot technology that indicates when the pan is perfectly preheated to seal in flavor. The 12-piece set is available in sapphire, ruby, or amethyst colors and will really brighten up your teens new digs.

If space is at a premium, you could just grab a one pot solution like the Mastrad O’Plancha from $120. It’s a grill that can be used both inside and out for any meat, fish, or veggies; and with its lid, it turns into a mini-oven to make pizzas or cakes! It’s a great solution for dorms where traditional grills aren’t allowed.

College students do enjoy eating treats like fried foods, but with the Power AirFryer XL, available from $120, they can chow down on all their favorites like fried chicken and fries without any of the guilt, as it can cut calories by as much as 80 percent. Food in the Power Airfryer is cooked in a whirlwind of super heated air that reaches up to 400 degrees, all without added oil.

With a little confidence from preparing a few meals solo, your undergrad might even start making dinner for you when you visit!

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Sleeping well

Between all night cramming for tests and the new nightlife possibilities of living away from mom and dad, new college students are not usually getting as much sleep as they should. The Healthy Sleep team at Harvard Medical School advises that good quality sleep helps in learning new skills and retaining information.

To help your teen to get as much rest as they need set them up with a BEDDI Style intelligent alarm clock, available from $50. Not only will this smart clock make sure your kid is never late for class, but it also had a USB charging port, a high quality Bluetooth speaker, and a white noise generator to help them to drift off to sleep. Changeable face plates are sold separately so that teens can match their alarm clock to their decor.

Techie kids will get a kick out of using the Sleep Shepherd Biofeedback Sleep Hat, available from $150-250. The Sleep Shepherd is a wearable sleep aid that uses a low, rhythmic audio tone to decrease brain activity and lull kids off to sleep.

If all that studying is leading to a restless mind, the Dodow Metronome Light Sleep Aid available from $59, can help to calm busy minds by encouraging meditative breathing. This light pulse sleep aid helps users to move from 11 to six breaths per minute, which steadies your heart rate and lulls you to sleep fast.
Parents can help to ensure the air quality inside those sweaty dorm rooms is as pure as can be by providing young adults with a humidifier. The BreathSmart Humidifier, available from $100 is an ultrasonic humidifier that is easy to use, looks sleek, and produces a quiet, superfine mist. For larger rooms, or if your child likes to add their favorite aromatic oil, consider the MiroCleanPot Aroma Plus Humidifier, from $139. This totally washable unit can keep up with any messy teenager!

Keeping fit

Once away from home and with the demands of school and perhaps a part-time job, your college kids fitness routine may well hit the back burner. But to preserve optimal health and mental wellness, physical fitness is vital.

A fitness tracker such as the affordable TomTom Touch Cardio from $90 can help to show a true picture of their current physical exertion and encourage them to get moving.

If they prefer to also keep an eye on the time and like to customize their timepiece with a range of colorful straps, check out the Nokia Steel from $130. This watch can automatically detect and track when you walk, run, and swim. It can also learn to recognize over ten additional activities, such as weight lifting, dancing, or soccer, with even more activities available to manually log. At night, it tracks sleep cycles, sleep interruptions, and sleep duration. It connects to an app so that students can track their progress over time.

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Staying organized

Without mom to nag them, young adults have a tendency to get a little disorganized. This can lead to stress and anxiety as deadlines approach, midterms loom, and they realize everything is spinning out of control. Help them to stay on top of all their commitments by sending them away to school with these products.

The DYMO Mobile Labeler is a wireless, Bluetooth compatible, personal label maker that they can create, save and print labels straight from their cell phone app. They can label their books, school supplies and even things they don’t want their room-mates to touch!

Organization goes digital with a smartwatch that can keep all their scheduled classes, appointments, e-mails and of course moms messages at hand. The MyKronoz ZeRound Smart Watch from $100, is the perfect accessory for teens and young adults, it can also track their daily steps and the quality of their sleep, and connects easily to their smartphone.


Study, study, study

The demands of college academics can strain your kid’s health. Burning the candle at both ends and not taking enough time to relax and recharge can lead kids to being totally wiped out. By choosing products that have been designed to help ease the physical burden, parents can ensure that students are able to focus on learning.

Every kid needs a computer or a laptop when going away to school but many systems are hard to transport and lug around from class to class and can even cause back problems. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a student’s backpack should never weigh more than 10-20 percent of their body weight, yet experts say many kids far surpass that limit and seriously hurt their necks and backs as a result.

Enter LG’s brand new Ultra-Lightweight Gram Laptop: It weighs just two pounds, yet it has impressive specs. With 8GB of memory and a 6th Generation i5 Intel Core Processor, it can keep up with the demands of the busiest student. Plus its battery lasts all day long, so students can leave the charger at home too, making it the perfect combination of on-the-go portability and power that most students need in a notebook. The LG Gram comes in three sizes, starting at $1,000.

All that screen gazing can cause eye strain and even migraines, so consider picking up a pair Eyezen glasses for your studious offspring. These chic frames are fitted with protective lenses which shield eyes from the damaging blue light emitted by computer screens.

Kids still need traditional notepads, but you can lighten their load with the innovative Rocketbook Wave smart notebook, $27. This pad looks like a regular notebook but with the Rocketbook app on their smart phone, students can sync the pages to online programs like Google Docs or iCloud. When the pages in the notebook are full, they just pop it in the microwave to erase clean and start over!

Everyone needs to take a mental break from studying from time to time for something creative. How about a few adult coloring books along with colored pencils? To really take your teen’s artistic inspiration to the next level grab a 3Doodler Create, available from $99. This amazing 3D pen allows users to create fine art, DIY, maker projects, scale models and decorative items.

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Looking good, staying clean

Students might think college is all party, party, party, but its also a vital time to make business contacts for their future. Joining campus societies and networking with alum members can help your undergrad to get a step up the career ladder before the ink has even dried on their degree.

You can help them to make a great first impression with professors, intern recruitment officers, and business leaders by impressing on them the importance of looking good and being confident. Both of which have huge mental health benefits.

Pick them up a CONAIR Turbo ExtremeSteam available from $60 to make sure they are always wrinkle free. It’s the most powerful handheld steamer on the market; it has all the performance of an iron, but it works faster, is easier to use, and is more effective.

Once they are looking sharp, consider getting them their first set of business cards. MOO has a new range of 100% cotton business cards that look and feel great, and will appeal to environmentally conscious young people. MOO uses remnants from T-shirt manufacturers for the cards—with no trees involved!

Have them take a close look at their phone—some research has found that the average phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than a public toilet seat—ugh.

A PhoneSoap 2, available from $50, is a nifty gadget that relies on the same UV-C rays hospitals and labs use for sanitizing equipment. It only takes 10 minutes, and a charge-cord slot in back lets you recharge the device while it works.


Packing lunch

Healthy eating includes being able to pack economical and nutritionally complete lunches to take on the go. By kitting your teen out with attractive and functional flasks and bottles, you will be increasing the likelihood of them packing rather than buying.

Hydroflask has a huge line of colorful bottles, flasks and containers available from $30 for a 12 oz version. They will encourage any young person to take their nutrition seriously by keeping all their favorite foods at the perfect temperature. The secure lid is perfect for grab-and-go snacking without fear of spills.

As kids grow up and move on with their independent lives it can be hard on the parents left behind. But by outfitting them with products, advice and guidance that seek to bolster their health and well being you are setting them up for a life of success and wellness.

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