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8 Reasons You Should Swap Butter for Ghee

Ghee is the next foodie fad that’s a tasty treat and can also do the body good.


It’s lactose-free

Ghee is clarified butter, which means all the water and milk solids have been removed from it so you’re left with a smooth and nutty spread. If your stomach rebels every time dairy hits it, try switching to ghee instead. While it can be used in cooking as a replacement for oil or butter, its flavor is unique enough to be enjoyed all on its own as a spread on toast, dolloped on pancakes, or drizzled on meat, fish, or veggies. Fourth & Heart kicks traditional ghee up a notch by offering decadent versions featuring flavors like truffle salt, Madagascar vanilla, Himalayan pink salt, and garlic.


It’s filled with vitamins

While you shouldn’t aim to reach your daily dose of vitamins via ghee alone, each tablespoon contains fat-soluble vitamins A (promotes bone, skin, and immune health), D (helps the body absorb calcium), E (good for your eyes and your brain), and K (helps blood clot). “These are all vitamins our body really needs,” says Elissa Goodman, holistic nutritionist and cleanse expert. Find out the 25 other vitamin-rich foods you should be eating.

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It contains healthy fat

Ghee does contain saturated fat, which you should consume in moderation (especially if you have heart problems), but it also contains fatty acids that can have a positive affect on metabolism. “These fatty acids could also have a good effect on cognitive function and the nervous system,” says Goodman.


It’s good for your gut

“I’m a big gut and digestion girl, and I love that ghee is rich in butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that can decrease inflammation in the digestive tract and improve digestion,” says Goodman.

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It has a high smoke point

This is important because it means you can safely use it for high-heat cooking without worrying about harmful compounds forming, a common phenomenon with some cooking oils.


It contains a natural anti-carcinogen

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may aid in weight loss and have a positive effect on blood pressure and certain cancers, but more research needs to be done. Still, ghee made from grass-fed cows is one of the highest natural sources of CLA.

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It can soothe your skin

“In the ayurveda world, it’s put on the skin as a natural medicine for burns or swelling because it may decrease inflammation,” says Goodman.


It keeps you satisfied

Ghee’s combination of fats has a satiating effect, meaning you feel satisfied longer. “I have a cleanse that is high in these satiating healthy fats and I see my clients feel full, sleep better, lose weight, and even see their cholesterol drop,” says Goodman. If you want to lose a few pounds, try these fast, easy weight-loss tips.

Alyssa Jung
Alyssa Jung is a writer and editor with extensive experience creating health and wellness content that resonates with readers. She freelanced for local publications in Upstate New York and spent three years as a newspaper reporter before moving to New York City to pursue a career in magazines. She is currently Senior Associate Editor at Prevention magazine and a contributor to Previously she worked at Reader's Digest as an editor, writer, and health fact checker.

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