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13 Delicious, Good-for-You Eats for the Ultimate Barbecue—with a Healthy Twist

Because guilt-free grilling is the best kind of grilling.



Besides being low in calories and filled with vitamins (A, C, E, and B12, to be specific), oysters also act as aphrodisiacs. Their amino acids trigger the production of sex hormones. Just follow these steps to prepare and grill your perfect oysters.

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Caesar salad

We’re not just talking about the grilled chicken (even though adding it does help you lose more weight). The easy trick of throwing a big hunk of romaine lettuce on the grill will elevate this common salad. Find out how to make a grilled Caesar salad like a professional chef.

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The first step to grilling tofu is to learn how to correctly prepare it. The second is to try this Grilled Szechwan Tofu recipe. Or you can use it to make probiotic-filled miso soup.



Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that reduces inflammation and pain. Grilling this tropical fruit makes it even more juicy and delicious without losing its pain-relieving properties. Test it out on this Jerk Pork and Grilled Pineapple with Corn recipe.

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Smoke and peaches go hand-in-hand, and their high amounts of potassium and antioxidants make peaches one of the healthiest fruits for your body. Try this Grilled Chicken and Peach Salad With Watercress recipe for a sweet and savory healthy treat.



Asparagus caramelized on the grill is one of the best side dishes out there. This recipe adds the tang of fresh oranges and the crunch of hazelnuts. Who cares that it makes your pee smell funny?

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Sweet potatoes

Skip the traditional white potatoes and grill up some sweet potatoes (not to be mistaken with yams) for a healthy potato salad recipe. Your body will thank your for the heart-healthy nutrients and natural umami.

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Liven up your salsa by grilling it for a smoky flavor. Try this Grilled Tomato and Bell Pepper Salsa recipe, then substitute it for bottled dressing for a healthy (and fun) Mexican salad.



Throw meatballs on the grill for a creative appetizer. This Greek Meatball Kebabs With Lemon Dip will have your guests begging for more. That’s when you break out the easy 20-word appetizers.


Exotic fruit

There are scientific reasons why we should eat dessert every day, but that doesn’t mean you should stick with the usual chocolate or ice cream. For a unique dessert, grill up this assortment of saffron-spiced tropical fruit and serve with low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt.

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Haloumi cheese is a traditional Greek cheese that doesn’t lose its shape when grilled. Toss it on the fire for a great vegetarian option topped with a delicious tomato dressing. (Here’s what your favorite cheese says about your personality.)

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Cooked and cooled polenta can be cut into shapes and grilled to make an excellent base for a savory topping. In this recipe the polenta is flavored with gruyère cheese, and the topping is a savory mixture of mushrooms, herbs, and walnuts (the best disease fighter in your pantry).

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Thin crust pizza turns crisp and delicious when placed over the hot fires of a grill. Follow these steps to grill your pizza, and then use pita or an unsuspecting vegetable into a healthy, delicious pizza crust.

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