Foot Care

Put some pride in your stride with our foot care tips and advice for the best shoes for flat feet and more.

5 Things That Can Cause White Toenails (and What to Do About It)

White patches, lines, or spots on your nails have several causes, from trauma to fungal infections.

10 Best Walking Shoes for Your Feet, According to Podiatrists

Podiatrists share which sneakers and walking shoes they recommend for both men and women.

9 Best Slippers for Men, According to Podiatrists

Podiatrists reveal the best slippers for men, from rubber soles to memory foam, that provide both comfort and support for...

I Tried YogaToes and They Did Help My Foot Pain

YogaToes are gel toe separators that stretch and straighten your toes to help prevent foot pain. I wore them...

The 8 Best Compression Socks for Swelling

The right compression sock can help alleviate issues that range from mild (swollen feet) to severe (deep vein thrombosis)....

The Important Reason You Should Scrub Your Feet, Foot and Skin Doctors Say

With sandal season upon us, experts reveal why it’s a good idea to add foot exfoliation to your skincare routine—and...

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I Tried Feetures Socks to Reduce Blisters and Prevent Blood Clots

Pulling these knee-highs on for the first time was like encasing my feet and legs in a soft, yet supportive,...

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Brooks Walking Shoes Are the Only Walking Shoes This Podiatrist Recommends

If you're shopping for new walking shoes, this podiatrist says Brooks walking shoes might be your best option. Here's why.

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8 Hiking Boots for Men That Your Feet Will Love

Good footwear is essential gear for most hiking trips. So here are expert tips for choosing the best hiking boots...

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5 Foot Stretchers That May Help Foot and Leg Pain

Foot stretching devices can be used for pain and stiffness in the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, and calf muscles....

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I Tried Giesswein Wool Shoes and They Kept My Feet Dry and Healthy

Wool shoes can be a healthy footwear option. Here's what I discovered after wearing a pair of Giesswein wool shoes...

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9 Hiking Sandals for Women That Your Feet Will Love

Hiking is a safe and fun way to get some exercise—as long as you've got the right gear. Here's what...

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8 Hiking Shoes for Women That Protect Your Feet Mile After Mile

We reached out to podiatrists to find out how to pick the right hiking shoe for you. Here are the...

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7 Best Hiking Socks to Keep Your Feet Comfy and Pain Free

High-quality hiking socks can make a big difference in keeping your feet comfy and pain free. Here are some tips...

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4 Plantar Fasciitis Stretches That Provide Heel Pain Relief

These plantar fasciitis stretches will help alleviate heel pain by relieving tightness in your foot and calf muscles.

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Do You Have a Tailor’s Bunion? How to Tell—and What to Do About It

The painful, bony bump at the base of your pinky toe could be a tailor's bunion—a.k.a. a bunionette. Check...

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10 Best Foot Peel Masks for Softer, Smoother Feet

Foot peel masks are essentially a chemical peel that can help get rid of dry, cracked skin...

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Is It Gout or a Bunion? How to Tell the Difference

Gout and bunions look very similar, but they're different when it comes to what causes them and...

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How to Do a Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus, Plus 4 Products to Try

A warm foot soak may help soothe toenail fungus symptoms. Here's how to make a soak with vinegar or...

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Athlete’s Foot: 10 Things Foot Doctors Need You to Know

Athlete's foot is an aggravating and highly contagious fungal infection of the foot. Here's what you need to know...

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6 Things That Can Cause a Black Toenail and Treatments That Help

From trauma to a toenail fungus, there are many reasons why you may have a black toenail or black...

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10 Causes of Pain on the Outer Side of Your Foot

Have outer foot pain? Here are common causes of pain on the outer side of your foot, the symptoms...

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Do Your Toenails Seem Too Thick? Here’s Why—and What to Do

If your toenails seem thicker than usual, it may indicate a fungal infection or an underlying condition. Check out...

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What to Know About Acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis

Acupuncture may help plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain. Here's how it works, the cost, the potential...

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Ingrown Toenails—Here’s How to Manage and Prevent Them

Spare yourself the agony of an ingrown toenail with these prevention tips. And if you're already in pain, try...

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4 Types of Toenail Fungus and How to Treat Them

Those yellowish and thickened toenails could mean you have an infection with a toenail fungus. Here are the...

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What to Know About Heel Spur Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Heel spurs often happen along with plantar fasciitis and may be the reason for your heel pain.

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The 5 Types of Bunions: What Podiatrists Need You to Know

That big bump on the side of your foot? It's a bunion—a common foot problem that can be painful....

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7 Best Shoes for People With Heel Spurs

If you suffer from heel spurs, a bony growth between your heel and arch, try these podiatrist-recommended shoes to help...