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Learn more about the 18 Big Ideas to Reform Health Care in America 1. Fight the Big Five Find out

Learn more about the 18 Big Ideas to Reform Health Care in America

1. Fight the Big Five
Find out how to take proactive steps if you’re managing a chronic disease at Read Health Care Reform Now! A Prescription for Change by George Halvorson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

2. Reduce Medical Errors by Thinking Like an Airline
You can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter about developments in health policy at And find out more about patient safety reform from the National Patient Safety Foundation,

3. Get It Right the First Time
Inquire about a second-opinion program at your job, or encourage your employer to enroll in one like Best Doctors at

4. Pay Employees for Healthy Habits
Learn how businesses and organizations are coming together to fix health care at See how Steve Burd made it work at Safeway. Watch his address on health care at

5. E-Prescribe
Visit to find out about studies, conferences, and events on e-prescribing.

6. Use Retail Clinics for Routine Care
Find a retail health clinic in your area at

7. Share Information to Fight Cancer
Learn more about collaborative efforts to implement faster, safer, and smarter FDA-approved prescription drugs and medical products at

8. Measure Results and Make Them Public
Get ratings for hundreds of Minnesota health-care providers at

9. Stop Unnecessary Treatments
Do you really need the medical procedure your doctor recommends? Learn how to have a two-way conversation with your doctor at

10. Reduce Infant Mortality
Help save the lives of premature newborns: Log onto to be a part of the Prematurity Campaign and make a donation.

11. Make Schools Healthier
Make the sugar-free case to the principal and PTA at your child’s school. For more information, go to

12. Don’t Hire Smokers
Grab health care by the horns like Jim Hagedorn. To find out how to develop a wellness plan like his, go to

13. Electronic Medical Records
Get savvy with your own electronic medical records. Sign up for free at or at

14. Save Primary Care
Connect with others and help save primary care at the AMA Patients’ Action Network,

15. Award Prizes for Affordable Drugs
Read blogs, articles, and more at James Love’s homepage,, to learn about innovative ways to reward breakthrough medicines.

16. Visit a Virtual Doc
Find out how to reach a doc 24/7 at

17. Team Up in Hospitals
To find out more about the Cleveland Clinic’s multidisciplinary approach to health care, go to Read the book that inspired the plan, Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results, by Michael E. Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg (it was named 2007 book of the year by the American College of Healthcare Executives).

18. Let Everyone Shop for the Best Plan
See how members of Congress shop for health insurance at Search for Healthy Americans Act. Also see for more information on FEHMP.

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