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11 Controversial Medical Theories That Are Actually True

Find out the truth behind health theories the medical community once claimed were false.

10 Secrets to Finding a Doctor You Can Trust

In the market for a new doc? Read this first. Trust is important, especially when it comes to your doctor....

10 Signs the Hospital Wants to Discharge You Too Early—and How to Fight It

Everyone wants to get you home safe and keep you healthy, but sometimes going home is a bad option.

8 Secrets to Make the Most of Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor's appointments can be frustrating with long waits, awkward silences, and questions left unanswered. Here are simple tricks to make...

50 Health Rules Doctors Don’t Always Follow—So You Shouldn’t Either

For doctors and other health professionals, being healthy is often a matter of "Do as I say, not as I...

20 Worst Pieces of Health Advice on the Internet

Some of the tips you see on social media and "healthy-living" blogs won't work, and others are downright dangerous.

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11 Diseases Doctors Are Most Likely to Miss

Some diseases are easy to spot, but others take longer to diagnose. Here's how to get a quicker diagnosis when...

9 Things Doctors Don’t Know About Women’s Health

Though everyone should have a primary care doctor she trusts and feel at ease around, there are certain symptoms and...

60 Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know

These research-backed tips and strategies from other caregivers who have been in the trenches will help you give the best...

34 Ways to Survive Your Next Trip to the Hospital

From medication mix-ups to surgical errors, dangerous falls to deadly infections, hospital hazards can be harmful to your health. Here’s...

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11 Things Your Doctor Can Tell Just By Looking at You

A trained medical professional can tell some things about your health from a simple conversation. Here are things they look...

10 Funny Medical Acronyms—Decoded

These crude acronyms aren't used much, but an unflattering comment may occasionally slip out during a particularly frustrating healthcare situation.

10 Secrets to Lowering Your Medical Bills

Navigating the world of healthcare and keeping your medical bills in check can be overwhelming. These tips can help you...

This Is What Really Happens to Your Body When You Go Under Anesthesia

Going under anesthesia can be scary. But knowledge is power—so read on to find out everything that's going on while...

8 Doctor Appointment Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

Doctor's visits can be confusing. Get the most out of your appointments by avoiding these common missteps, according to health...

How 10 Body Parts Got Their Names

Your tailbone is named after a bird and there's a name for that space between your nose and eyebrows.

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This Is When It’s OK to Take Expired Medication

Research suggests that many medications are still safe and effective years—or sometimes even decades—after the expiration date.

10 Wildly Overinflated Hospital Costs You Didn’t Know About

A Tylenol pill for $15? Or $53 per pair of gloves? Here, a medical billing advocate reveals some of the...

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13 Supplement or Medication Combos You Should Never Mix

Millions of us take vitamins, minerals, and other supplements daily to improve our health and well-being—but taking certain pills together...

Doctors Reveal the Rarest Condition They’ve Ever Diagnosed

Every doctor has seen a lot over the course of their time in the field. We explored a Reddit thread...

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14 Secrets Your Physical Therapist Knows About You

A good physical therapist can tell a lot about your family, your job, and your health—without you ever saying a...

17 Everyday Medication Mistakes That Could Make You Sick

Medical experts share the most common medication mistakes that you should avoid to make sure you don't get sick.

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Doctors Confess: 10 Mistakes Patients Make in the ER

You want fast and efficient treatment in the ER. But some mistakes you make can keep you from getting a...

What Your Doctor’s Really Thinking (But Won’t Say to Your Face)

Here's what your doctors would tell you if they weren't worried about time, lawsuits, or hurting your feelings.

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15 Health Myths That Make Doctors Cringe

Do you believe in "base tans"? Have you sworn off bread forever? Are you logging endless miles on the treadmill?...

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7 Silent Signs of Serotonin Syndrome

Symptoms can range from mild to severe—and if left untreated—can even be deadly.

16 Clear Signs You Need to Fire Your Doctor

You can't always trust the white coat. These are the mistakes that are serious enough to warrant your finding a...