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“We Have Your Biopsy Results”: What One Doctor Learned from Suddenly Becoming a Cancer Patient

Part of his job is breaking the news about an incurable diagnosis. He never thought he would be on the...

Do You Really Have to Stop Drinking on Antibiotics?

The surprising reason one drink (probably) won’t hurt.

Improve Your Hospital Stay: 12 Insider Tips From Nurses and Doctors

Want a more comfortable hospital visit for you or a relative? Here, the doctors the nurses who work there confess...

Having Surgery? 5 Breakthroughs For a Faster Recovery

Tips and information for before, during, and after surgery to help you get better more quickly.

What Happens When Scientists Experiment on Themselves?

Cross a compulsive need to discover the truth with a strong sense of adventure, and watch modern medicine move forward.

Got a Minute? Do These 11 Health Checks Today

Sixty seconds is all you need to learn a surprising amount about your health with these at-home self exams.

What to Do Before Same Day Surgery

A health reporter shares the key tips that weren't mentioned in official pre-op instructions but had a dramatic impact on...

The Accidental History of 10 Common Drugs

These true tales of discovery in The Drug Book by Michael C. Gerald might change the way you think about...

Senior Care: A Crash Course on What’s Important

Dad goes to the ER with a broken hip, you become a caregiver. Here's a go-to guide of the essentials...

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10 Medical Marvels You Might Have Missed

We round up new medical studies and promising solutions to solve current health issues.

Make the Best Care Package Ever: 11 Awesome Ideas

Send someone special a little love-in-a-box with these fun and practical ideas.

Doctors Confess Their Fatal Mistakes

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists hold your life in their hands. Here, their shocking stories of what can go wrong—and what...

Decode Your Doctor’s Language

Medical speak is filled with tricky shorthand that can be confusing, condescending, and even life threatening, but not anymore: Be...

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Are Generic Drugs Safe?

What you need to know when deciding between brand-name drugs and their generic drugs counterparts.

Gaining Weight? Maybe It’s Your Medicine

If you're gaining weight for no reason or having trouble losing it, check the contents of your medicine cabinet.

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When Medicare Isn’t Enough

If you thought you were covered health insurance-wise once you hit 65, think again. An Original Medicare policy, the basic

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Shopping for Long-Term Care

Most people don’t think twice about bargaining for a new car. But when it comes to long-term care for a

Medicare Terms and Definitions

Reading through Medicare terms and definitions can be like wading in a pool of alphabet soup. Here's a description of...

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Get the Most Out of Your Medicare Plan

In the past, just one in 16 people took advantage of the health checks free to people enrolled in Medicare

Understanding Medicare

Whether you’re brand-new to Medicare or are a long-time beneficiary, the inner workings of this sprawling, government-mandated health insurance program...

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9 Tips for Doctor Visits That Work

By now, it’s a world-famous statistic: Experts have found that doctors tend to interrupt patients just 20–30 seconds after they

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10 Health Inventions That Will Improve Your Life

1. Sight Saver This bionic eyeball might look like it’s been plucked from the skull of a movie android, but

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The Killers in Your Medicine Cabinet

The Pills They Take In 2009, high school seniors admitted to abusing these five commonly prescribed drugs. Vicodin, 9.7% OxyContin,

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10 Ways to Safely Use Prescription Drugs

1. Ask Questions Before leaving the doctor’s office with a new prescription, make sure you understand why the medicine is

Doctors Spill Their Secrets to Getting the Best Medical Treatment

Dr. Oz explains how smart patients approach their health care.

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7 Home Health Checks That Can Save Your Life

1. Do a Wheeze Check Untreated asthma leads to 1.8 million ER visits and 4,000 deaths a year. Asthma can

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6 Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE The mistake your doc may be making: Sticking with lifestyle changes when you need drugs. The evidence