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17 Face Masks with a Sense of Humor

These face masks will put a smile on everyone's face.

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Medical protective face mask smiling on yellow backgroundKat-Ka/Getty Images

Be safe and funny

Wearing a face mask in public to help slow the spread of coronavirus is required in many states. Unfortunately, a mask doesn’t let others see your smile, but you can still show others your sense of humor. Check out these funny face masks that will give everyone around you a good laugh.

Custom face maskvia

Custom look


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Upload a picture of your own nose, mouth, and chin to be printed on a protective mask. That way, everyone can still see your whole face. Check out these other great places to get personalized face masks too.

introvert face mask

Free hugs


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These face masks from Etsy have a few different funny sayings that you can get choose from, including “Free hugs. Just kidding, don’t touch me” and “Introvert. Social distancing professional.” (Here are some of the best face masks for summer.)

quit staring face maskvia

The shame mask


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Want to send a message? This mask tells those not wearing a mask in public what you really think. (When you get home, here’s how to clean your face mask.)

You are too close face mask buffvia

You are too close


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Just like at the doctor, you should only be viewing this mask from a considerable distance.

Straight outta quarantine face maskvia

Straight outta quarantine


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If you leave quarantine, you need to wear a mask. If you’re bored during quarantine, here’s how to make your own face mask.

Class of 2020 face maskvia

Class of 2020


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Show off your accomplishments with this funny mask. Hopefully, you got some toilet paper as a graduation gift.

Wash your hands face mask

Wash your hands


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Also, donut forget to sing Happy Birthday two times through while scrubbing hard!

Mustache man face mask

Mustache man


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With this mask, you can finally see what you would look like with a hairy mustache.

Stay over there face mask

Stay over there


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We like to sing this like the State Farm insurance jingle.

Rather be golfingvia

Rather be golfing


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We would also rather be golfing. Exercising outside? Opt for one of the best face masks for exercise.

2020 virus face maskvia

2020 virus


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Uninstalling and rebooting might not be enough to get rid of this virus, but wearing masks can help.

Namaste 6 feet away face maskvia

Namaste 6 feet away


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Even though there is nothing zen about this pandemic, it’s good to remind people to stay six feet away with this namaste face mask.

Funny faces masksvia

Funny faces


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This four-pack of masks will allow you to pick a funny face based on your mood that day.

Mad Hatter face maskvia

Mad in Wonderland


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Embrace your inner Mad Hatter with this mask.

Puppy face maskvia

Puppy face


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Replace your nose and mouth with a dog’s snout. Plus, does your dog need a face mask?

Too close face mask

Too close


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Step (six feet) away, please. (Here’s what we’re all looking forward to once social distancing ends.)

Emoji Face mask

Emoji face


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Brighten people’s day with this fun, smiling emoji mask.

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