8 Best Face Mask Messages on Instagram

Wearing a face mask in public can help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Why not have a little fun with it too? Here are some funny and creative face mask messages that you can find on Instagram.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, public (and expert) opinions on face masks have evolved. While they were once discouraged for everyday use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now asks that everyone wear a face mask in public and around people who don’t live in their household, especially when social distancing is not possible.

While some people believe any sort of face mask mandate infringes on their personal freedom, others believe wearing a mask is not only a public health obligation, but also good etiquette—like sneezing into one’s elbow.

One thing is for certain: many if not most people are thinking about, talking about, and sometimes publicly ranting about face masks (and the worst face mask mistakes people make). Some social media users, like Canadian actor Dan Levy, believe the wearing of a mask sends a message of kindness and consideration. Others use their masks to literally send a message.

Here are some of the best face mask messages we’ve seen on Instagram.

“If you can read this you’re too close!”


While wearing a face mask does a lot towards helping prevent the spread of Covid-19, social distancing remains critical. Not everyone understands this, however, which is where this mask comes in. Without getting preachy about pandemic best practices, it makes it abundantly clear: just because I’m wearing a mask doesn’t mean you should get into my personal space. (Don’t forget these 10 ways to stay human even while social distancing.)

“No Touchy”


Borrowing a well-loved meme from Disney’s The Emporer’s New Groove, this mask is both adorable and a reminder to remain “hands free” when possible during the pandemic. (Here’s what you need to know about wearing gloves to protect against coronavirus.)

“Quarantine Queen”


In a similar vein, Instagram user, Charlene (@charlzblog) is announcing to the world she is not merely a proud follower of quarantine protocol. She’s the “Quarantine Queen.”  (Here are the 9 best face masks for summer.)

“Faith Hope Love”


While decisions are ongoing about when and how to safely re-open churches for public worship, these masks are a great reminder that faith is something you can carry with you—and wear—wherever you go, regardless of pandemics and lockdowns.

“Masks are the new IQ test”


In case the message isn’t clear enough on its face, in posting this drawing to Instagram, Maine artist, Scott McNeff (@McNeffStudio) spells it out: “Picking out the folks who have room temperature IQs has never been easier.” In other words, the wearer of this mask thinks you’re not as smart as you could be if you’re not wearing a face covering. These were deemed the worst face masks for Covid-19 protection.

“Black Lives Matter”


This mask by fashion stylist/entrepreneur, Zonya Campbell (@ZonyaCampbell) sends a message about resiliency in times of adversity during the Black Lives Matters movement. It also sends a clear message that the person wearing the mask cares about, and is taking responsibility for, her own health and well-being. (Here are 12 things you can do right now to take a stand against racism.)

“Still smiling”


As helpful as masks may be in curbing the spread of coronavirus, they do make it difficult to read facial expressions. If you can’t tell that the woman in this photo from Blink Marketing’s Instagram account (@BlinkMarketing) is smiling, her mask is a tell. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the “Still Smiling” message is a call for positivity that can mean anything from “as much as I’ve been through, I’m still smiling” to “make them wonder why you’re still smiling.”

“Wake me up at 23rd Street”


Before the widespread use of face masks, a tired woman on a subway would have to resort to staying awake until she reached her destination…or else pin a message like this to her backpack. So, in a way, it could be said this face mask puts its own positive spin on the pandemic. (Here are 12 coronavirus symptoms you’ll want to be on the lookout for.)

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