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10 Best Face Masks for Teachers on Amazon

Keep students, faculty, and staff safe during back-to-school season with these best face masks for teachers for coronavirus protection on Amazon.

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Teacher and children with face mask back to school after coronavirus quarantine.Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

Back-to-school safety during coronavirus

Teachers across the nation are heading back to school to the classroom along with their students to start in-person teaching again. With the novel coronavirus still in full force, the possibility of a second coronavirus wave, and with cold and flu season looming, it’s critical that teachers have good protection that will allow them to be comfortable when they stand in class, teach, talk, and try to keep students focused and socially distant throughout the day. So what is the best face mask for teachers to stay safe from coronavirus?

An Elementary School Student and Teacher in a ClassroomRichLegg/Getty Images

Choosing the best face mask for teachers

“Teachers are best using KN95 or Medical N95 masks,” says Robert E. Marx, DDS, who treats temporomandibular joint disorders and is the chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine. “KN95 masks are more comfortable for a long day in the classroom. But both will protect the wearer and surrounding students and administrators.”

But KN95 and N95 masks aren’t the only doctor recommended options. Padma Yarlagadda, MD, internist who treats disorders of the kidney, disorders of high blood pressure, and other complications of kidney failure at Regional Medical Center, San Jose, California, suggests a tightly-woven, cotton mask option, that has a filter. “You can use a polypropylene filter that can be purchased at stores such as Walmart,” says Dr. Yarlagadda. “If you cannot get a polypropylene filter, you can try using two sheets of facial tissues or get a tightly woven cotton face mask with three to four layers.” Other face mask filters include carbon or activated charcoal, or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

(N95 vs. KN95 vs. NF94 face masks: Learn the differences.)

Of course, it’s still important that the mask is worn correctly: Marx advises making sure that the mask covers the nose and adapts to the skin of the cheek. “The fit and constancy of wearing the mask throughout the day are most important,” says Marx. Face mask accessories can make everyday use a bit easier, and even trendy too!

Face masks drying on air hang up on a leashVesnaandjic/Getty Images

Cleaning, sanitizing, and reusing your face mask

It’s also important that teachers disinfect face masks to keep germs at bay. “The best method is to use a new mask daily to protect the vulnerability of our teachers and our kids and, other adults who come in contact with us,” says Marx. This helps protect against body fluids, like sneezing or coughing, from making contact with the nose and the mouth. So buying reliable masks in bulk is a great option for when your face mask becomes wet or soiled.

If you choose to use a reusable face mask, washing it correctly is key to keeping it clean. “Masks should be washed daily with soap or detergent and hot water,” says Dr. Yarlagadda. “It is important that the masks are dry before use, too. If you are using a polypropylene filter, try ironing it or rubbing it with a plastic glove for 20 seconds since washing it results in the loss of some electrostatic charge.” Polypropylene filters work by using static electricity to trap respiratory droplets that are entering and leaving your face mask.

To ensure teachers—and students— safety in classrooms this year while Covid-19 is still a threat, we’ve rounded up some of the best face masks for teachers on Amazon.

Covaflu FFP2/KN95 Disposable Cup Shaped Face Maskvia

Covaflu FFP2/KN95 Disposable Cup Shaped Face Mask

$35 for pack of 10

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Keep 95 percent of particles at bay when you wear this soft, flexible four-way stretch polypropylene mask. It easily fits over you’re your nose and mouth, and securely tucks under your chin. This ten-pack allows you to dispose of your mask once used, and replace it with a new one. (These are the worst Covid-19 face masks to wear.)

SupplyAID RRS-KN95 5-pack Protective Maskvia

SupplyAID RRS-KN95 5-pack Protective Mask

$17 for pack of five

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This five-pack of disposable masks fit securely over your nose and under your chin, and the elastic ear bands help to hold it in place. Once you have the mask on, push down on the bridge of your nose to adjust the nose piece for a secure and personalized fit. (Run out of your supply? Here are Covid-19 DIY face mask instructions.)

CC Reusable Washable Tie-Dye Face Maskvia

CC Reusable Washable Tie-Dye Face Mask


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Jazz up your professional attire with this on-trend tie-dye face mask. “I suggest getting a 100 percent cotton, tightly woven face mask,” says Dr. Yarlagadda. After each use, be sure to wash and disinfect it. (Check out other trendy and stylish face masks for work.)

Dolce Calma Powecom KN95 Reusable Disposable Face Maskvia

Dolce Calma Powecom KN95 Reusable Disposable Face Mask

$26 for pack of 10

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This multi-layered mask protects against droplets and particles thanks to the full coverage (over the nose and mouth), chin tuck design, and adjustable nose bridge. “The mask wearer should be sure that it covers the nose and adapts to the skin of the cheek,” says Marx. You’ll get 10 in a pack, and dirty masks should be disposed of after use. (If these look too boring, check out the best places to get personalized face masks.)

A-DUDU Fashion Cloth Fabric Face Protectionvia

A-Dudu Fashion Cloth Fabric Face Protection

$36 for pack of 6

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This muti-colored six-pack supplies you with enough masks for each school day—plus one extra in case you need it. The cotton material is soft on skin, and the fabric ear loops won’t hurt after hours of wear. “A mask that cups tight to the face is ideal,” explains Dr. Yarlagadda. (Check out some of the best face mask messages on Instagram.)

Secutoryang Store TWUVS ADPR Teach Love Inspire Face Maskvia

Secutoryang Store TWUVS ADPR Teach Love Inspire Face Mask


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When you’re finding it tough to get dressed and head into school with everything going on in the world, the words on this mask will remind you why you do it—”teach, love, inspire.” Dr. Yarlagadda suggests wearing a mask with built-in pockets for a filter, and this mask comes with two filters. Bonus: The adjustable ear loops, making it more comfortable for everyday wear. (These are the public places doctors avoid during coronavirus.)

vipsung I Teach Tiny Humans Reusable Maskvia

Vipsung: I Teach Tiny Humans Reusable Mask


Shop Now

Do you teach tiny humans? Wear this reusable humorous face mask loud and proud. It’s made out of sheen, silky fabric, and sits comfortably against the face. Adjust the ear straps to fit your head, and be sure that they don’t chafe so you can wear the mask all day.

Dr. Family KN95 Disposable Non-Medical Face Maskvia

Dr. Family KN95 Disposable Non-Medical Face Mask

$15 for pack of five

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Protect yourself—and your students—with this KN95 mask that is included on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List. This five-pack of disposable masks will provide a comfortable fit, ear loops that have a lot of stretch, and an adjustable nose wire. (Got kids in school? Here are fun kids face masks.)

Must Customized Face Maskvia

Must Customized Face Mask


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The best way for your students to learn your name—wear it on your mask. Customize this breathable water-repellent barrier tool. The ear loops are adjustable, so you can easily change how tight they are throughout the day if need be. Try to avoid these face mask mistakes to keep germs at bay.

prAna Reversible Face Masksvia

Edufun Outdoor Face Protection, Unisex with Valve and Filters 

$12 for pack of two

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Slip this cotton mask over your mouth and feel protected knowing that it has a filter, as well as 10 refills. Adjust the ear loops to fit comfortably around your head, and press down on the bridge of your nose to create a next-to-skin fit using the metal nose clip. You’ll get two masks, so that you always have one to wear while you’re washing the other. (Next, learn how to have the coronavirus talk with kids.)

  • Robert E. Marx, DDS, chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine
  • Padma Yarlagadda, MD, nephrology specialist at Regional Medical Center, San Jose, California

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