Mental Health

Mental health contributes to your overall wellness. Learn about types of mental illness and how you can improve your overall outlook.

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When You Need to Unwind: 10 Healthy Alternatives to Booze

Booze is not the only way to relieve that pandemic stress. We give you no-alcohol alternatives—and some can even give you a buzz!

21 Depression Memes that May Make You Feel a Little Better

Humor can help you deal with day-to-day darkness. And one way to laugh is with depression memes.

Let It Out: 14 Ways a Good Cry Affects Your Body and Mind

We cry when we're happy, sad, angry, frustrated, and moved... but why?

How This BIPOC Mental Health Podcast Got Me Through Covid-19

mental health podcast with meditation specifically for BIPOC helped me practice self-care and stay calm during the pandemic.

I Have Anxiety—and Here’s How It Actually Helps Me

I was diagnosed with panic disorder 20 years ago at age 19. I quickly learned that treating anxiety requires a...

10 Tips for Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Everyone feels anxious and a little panicked now and then, but when worry becomes excessive and starts to affect everyday...

Here’s What ‘Ecotherapy’ Means (Plus Its Awesome Effects on Your Health), from Exp...

What is ecotherapy, you ask? Psychology and gardening experts say it may explain one of the biggest home...

‘I Left My Career in the City to Open a Plant Shop—and I’ve Never Been Happier’

March 2022 data from the Census Bureau shows that hundreds of thousands of Americans saw the pandemic...

The 8 Best Indoor Plants for Mental Health, Say Wellness Experts

Science shows our plants take care of us, too.

Healing My Gut with Probiotics Relieved My Depression: I Tried It

Her young daughter's headaches led this worried mom to follow a doctor's dietary advice, which turned out to help...

Research Says This One Goal Will Motivate You to Exercise—and It’s Not Weight Loss

Plus, a yoga teacher-dietitian lists six questions to help you focus less on the way your body looks, and...

5 Ways Stress-Eating Impacts Your Gut Health, Mood, and More, Say Eating Psychology Specialists

Indulging in a massive comfort food session might feel like a relaxing outlet in the moment...but stress-eating leads to more...

The 10 Best Health Books of 2022: Therapists and Readers Rate the Bestselling Wellness Books So Far ...

Therapists, wellness experts, and readers dish on the year's top health and wellness books—and the best news? All of them...

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I Tried It: A Rage Room “Felt Amazing” for Dealing with Pandemic Wedding Stress

A canceled wedding (thanks to the pandemic) brought this bride to her breaking point. How did she deal? Well ......

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A Psychologist Says This Trending Way to Handle Anger May Actually Be Good for Your Heart

For those moments when your temper reaches the brink, a mental health expert—along with a former NCAA Division I team...

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Looking for a “Rage Room”? A Therapist Suggests You Should Know This One Thing

Rage rooms are popping up all over the country. Is this fad a healthy way to deal with our pent-up...

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Exhausted From Living Through Stressful Events? A Resilience Expert’s 6 Tips to Stay Encouraged

The Ohio State University's director on stress, trauma, and resilience research offers right-now tips to help preserve your mental...

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10 Science-Backed Ways to Lower Your Stress This Instant (Really!)

Stressed? We feel you. Here, science comes to the rescue with actual proven ways to decrease your stress level—right now.

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The 7 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks for Seasonal Affective Disorder, From Shoppers

Seasonal depression affects a reported 25 percent of us—but also, who couldn't use some support to sleep better? To help...

10 Easy Self-Care Swaps to Make in 2022

Make 2022 your healthiest year yet with these editor-approved self-care swaps.

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How to Ask for Help During the Holidays Without Feeling Like a Burden

Therapists share their tips to help you get what you need to have a happier, healthier, and less stressful holiday...

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What to Say to People Who Push Food on You During the Holidays

Most food pushers are well-intended, if misguided, but others may be trying to hurt or sabotage you. Here are expert...

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How to Keep a Gratitude Journal, With 16 Prompts to Help You Get Started

According to experts, keeping a gratitude journal can have numerous health benefits. Here's what the experts want you to know...

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How to Forgive Yourself, and Why

We all beat ourselves up over mistakes from time to time—but never forgiving yourself can be brutal to your mental...

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Thankful Thursday: What If Thanksgiving Came Every Week?

Practicing thankfulness every week—or better yet, every day—can boost your mood, strengthen your relationships, and even help you sleep better.

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What Is Gratitude Meditation, and How Can It Help?

Practicing regular gratitude can benefit your overall health and emotional well-being. Here's why it's important, and how gratitude meditation could...

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How to Stop Procrastinating

We're all familiar with this urge to procrastinate, but why do we put something off even when we know there...

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Can Music Help With Meditation?

Music can be integral to many types of meditation. The key is choosing music with the right rhythm, melody, and...

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What Is Perfectionism, and How Can It Affect Your Mental Health?

Think you're a perfectionist? Learn more about the types of perfectionism, how perfectionism can affect mental health, and how to...

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What Is Catastrophizing?

Does one bad date make you fear you'll be alone forever? You may be catastrophizing—a type of cognitive distortion that...