This Empowering New Instagram Trend Proves That All Bodies Are Beautiful

Behold your new “body positivity” goals—this confidence-boosting trend just went viral!

Ever heard of hip dips? Now you have! Also known as “violin hips,” they describe the small S-shaped curve that some women have around the area between their hips and thighs. And they’re currently taking over the Internet.

If you have hip dips, you’re in great company. Just take a minute to scroll through the #hipdip hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll see what we mean. While many women used to feel insecure or ashamed of their hips, social media is encouraging them to get loud and proud about their bodies—no matter their shape or size. (For more confidence-boosting stories, these empowering swimsuit photos prove there is no one bikini body.)

This body shape is completely natural and healthy. Women have “dips” due to their dominant outer quad and hip flexor muscles, according to Heidi Powell, a celebrity trainer and fitness blogger.

“It’s a beautiful thing to have extra shape to your muscles,” Powell told Byrdie. “I feel like it shows power and strength.”

No matter how slim or fluffy a body is, certain body structures will always have these dips, Powell said. And many women with hip dips also tend to have “saddlebags,” which are fat pockets found toward the back of the legs.

This powerful trend is just another reminder that a little confidence can go a long way. (Try these science-backed tricks to boost your confidence.) And there’s huge perks beyond the social media likes; seeing all body sizes can be good for our mental health, too.

“Our bodies are what they are,” Powell said. “We don’t get to choose what template we get, but we can choose how we maximize the template we have through diet, exercise, and overall wellness… and more importantly, we can choose how we embrace and love the bodies we have.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Keep those body positivity messages coming, ladies! To get inspired, check out the amazing and beautiful #hipdip posts below—and then share your own.

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