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23 Celebs Share the Self-Care Secrets They Never, Ever Skip

It might seem like the stars should have all the time and money in the world to feel healthy, look gorgeous, and act confident, right? They also face a lot of pressure—here's how a few told us they cope.

23 Celebs Self Care Secrets FtThe Healthy, Getty Images (4), Courtesy Icy Hot

Let’s be honest: With the pace of life, some days it can feel like just brushing your teeth should be celebrated as an act of self-care.

But maybe you do regularly honor a window of time in your day to move…breathe…reflect…to take care of yourself in a way that increases your sense of wellbeing. There’s no question that self-care can benefit your mental, emotional and even physical health—according to National Institute of Health, self-care activities can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness (including heart disease) and increase your energy.

Staying healthy, and happy, can help maximize your impact in your world. In recent months, The Healthy @Reader’s Digest has spoken with leaders in pop culture, sports and wellness about how they take care of themselves. Here are the self-care practices each told us they practice every day to keep them grounded and peaceful.

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23 Celebs Self Care Secrets 1 Brooke ShieldsThe Healthy, Guy Aroch/Courtesy BCW Global

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23 Celebs Self Care Secrets 8 Kristin ChenowethThe Healthy, JOHN RUSSO/COURTESY ALLERGAN, INC./ABBVIE

Kristin Chenoweth

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23 Celebs Self Care Secrets 10 Jason AlexanderThe Healthy, COURTESY SANOFI

Jason Alexander

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