Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions and nervous system diseases can impact your life in more ways than one. Stay informed about nervous system disorders.

The Surprising Illness Behind My Dad’s Sudden Gambling Addiction

Parkinson's drugs can trigger compulsive behavior, as Marily Atlas-Berney reveals in the story of her father, as told to Elisa Roland.

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7 Early Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Besides Tremors

Early Parkinson's disease symptoms can be hard to spot, so visit your doctor if you're experiencing several of these often-overlooked...

What Is ASMR and Why Are Millions of People Talking About It?

If your brain "tingles" while watching videos of someone eating a pickle, carving soap, whispering softly, brushing their hair, tapping...

My “Finger Twitch” Turned out to Be Brain Inflammation

When this young, healthy woman developed symptoms that progressed from cramped fingers to hallucinations and seizures, her doctors thought she...

What Causes Vertigo? 15 Things Doctors Wish You Knew

The spinning, dizzying loss of balance which earmarks vertigo can come without warning. Here's what medical experts wished you knew.

This Man’s Locked-In Syndrome Left Him Aware But Trapped in Coma-Like State

The patient was in a coma—all the doctors said so. The only one who disagreed? The patient.

13 People You Didn’t Know Overcame Stuttering

Stuttering affects more than 70 million people across the globe, including some very prominent figures who have overcome the speech...

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Real-Life Survivors Reveal What It’s Really Like to Be in a Coma

What's it like to straddle that profound line between life and death? We asked six coma survivors, each of whom...

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6 Signs of a Brain Aneurysm Everyone Should Know

From headaches to numbness, knowing the signs of a brain aneurysm can save your life.

Paresthesia: This Is What Happens When Your Foot Falls Asleep

Does your foot always fall asleep? Here's what you need to know about why we experience paresthesia—and when you should...

7 Things You Need to Know About ALS

Important information about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the fatal disease that affects more than 20,000 Americans at any given time.

15 Vertigo Treatments to Finally Cure Your Dizziness

The dizziness, nausea, and feeling of freefall that come with vertigo will have you searching high and low for relief....

7 Concussion Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Anyone with a head injury and possible concussion should be checked by a health care professional. If you’re the one...

Here’s What Really Happens When You Hear That Voice in Your Head

Your brain basically thinks it’s the same thing as talking out loud.

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What Is Synesthesia? What It’s Like to Hear Colors and See Sounds

A journalist and a neurologist share what it's really like to have synesthesia—a rare neurological phenomenon where you can hear...

Hiccups Can Be a Sign of This Deadly, Life-Threatening Condition—Here’s Why

One day, this university student had the hiccups. About a week later, she couldn't see and could barely move.

The Science-Backed Way Cell Phones Could Heal Concussions Faster

Teens with concussion might make more progress with the help of their cell phone. Here's how.

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This Mysterious Condition Makes People Laugh Even When Nothing Is Funny

Experts reveal what you need to know about PseudoBulbar Affect, or PBA, a rare medical condition that can cause uncontrollable...

What It Really Feels Like to Have Tourette Syndrome

Andrew Joannou used to spend hours exercising to control tics. After experimental brain surgery, he's walking hand-in-hand with his wife...

This Innovation Researcher Built a Wrist Gadget That Stopped Her Co-Worker’s Parkinson’s...

Designer Emma Lawton had given up on her life's passion to draw and create, until colleague Haiyan Zhang put her...

7 Signs You May Need to Go to the ER After a Head Injury

When it comes to your brain, don't chance it.

Before ‘Concussion’: An Inside Glimpse of NFL Player Mike Webster’s Utterly Tragic...

In a story that first appeared in 'Reader's Digest' in 2003, the former Pittsburgh Steeler center shrugged off repeated brain...