Eat Well, Spend Less

5 strategies for eating smart without blowing your grocery budget, from how to save on wine to why going meatless one night a week can fatten your wallet while helping your heart and the environment.

Shop & Stock Smart

Keeping your pantry stocked with staples and a decent supply of the ingredients you use most is the key to preventing those eleventh hour supermarket runs or falling back on take-out too often. Planet Green suggests making a shopping list by category to ensure you’re well supplied with all of your go-to items, and buying in bulk whenever possible, such as for grains, cereals, herbs, and spices.

Buy By the Case

If you’re a wine drinker, you know that buying by the bottle quickly adds up. You’re also probably a familiar face at your local wine shop. Next time you stop in, ask if they’ll give you a deal on a case of assorted wines. Chances are they’ll agree, and you’ll walk away with a case of 12 interesting bottles for closer to the price of 10.


Everyone knows that restaurants jack up the prices of alcohol significantly. Since you’ll soon have a case full of wine at home just waiting to be poured, plan your nights out at restaurants that allow you to BYOB. You’ll save so much on the drinks you can afford to splurge (a little) on your meal.

Start an Herb Garden

Food lovers and home cooks know that fresh herbs can make all the difference in a dish. But you almost always have to buy far more than your recipe calls for, and what remains often goes bad before you need it again. Most herbs can be easily grown on a windowsill and will more than provide for your culinary needs all year, without any waste.

Go Meatless on Mondays (or Any Day)

When it comes to groceries, meat is money. Protein is important, but even card-carrying carnivores can’t deny that eliminating meat from you meals just one or two days a week will save you a significant amount of dough (and help the environment to boot).

See 1o delicious and healthy meatless meals.

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