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12 Best Holiday Gift Baskets for Health-Conscious Foodies

Need a gift for the healthy foodie on your recipient list? Look no further than our nutritionist-approved healthy holiday gift baskets that satisfy all food cravings.

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Healthy gift basket ideas

You’ve likely given and received your share of gift baskets. And so you know that they can be delightfully mouthwatering and healthy—or a so-so calorie fest.

How do you succeed at gifting creative, relatively healthy, and surprising holiday gift baskets? For one, customization is key. “I always consider any food allergies or special diets when I piece together the perfect gift,” says Arielle “Dani” Lebovitz, a registered dietitian in New Windsor, New York.

Think about what the recipient truly enjoys. “If you send a tea drinker the most beautifully roasted beans and French-press set, he may appreciate the gift but it may never be used,” she says. “On the other hand, a gift box with teas and the perfect accessories will soon become a favorite item used all year long.” (Here are the best gifts for coffee lovers.)

If you choose something perishable, make sure it ships quickly and is properly packaged. “I typically look for shelf-stable items so I don’t have to worry about keeping packages at certain temperatures, especially when the shipping time may be extended due to the holiday season,” says Lebovitz. “Some of my favorite gifts to send are seasoning blends that complement the season. If I am really hoping to impress, I may send a favorite accessory or two such as the perfect spatula—along with a recipe card that incorporates several items in the box!” You might even consider signing them up for a food subscription box.

Read on for a dozen ideas for holiday gift baskets for your health-conscious friends and family. All you have to do is click “order,” and the perfect gift will be on its way.

Melissa's Produce Exotic Centerpiece Basketvia

Melissa’s Produce Exotic Centerpiece Basket


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Holiday gift baskets with run-of-the-mill apples and pears are only somewhat interesting. Step up your healthy gift-giving a notch and send this Melissa’s fruit basket—featuring exotic produce such as pineapple, papaya, Asian pears, and mango. The fruits are complemented by a bag of mixed nuts and a nutcracker. Plus, the gift makes a stellar centerpiece. Send ahead of your holiday dinner arrival as a welcome hostess gift. (Here are 29 healthy food gifts that aren’t fruitcake.)

Negg Deviled Egg "Deviler" Kitvia

Negg Deviled Egg “Deviler” Kit


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Have a deviled-egg fan on your gift list? Consider this Negg gift box with all the tools required to make perfectly crafted appetizers—including an egg peeler, deviled egg spice packets, and a reusable piping bag and decorative tip. Make the gift truly personal by printing out a healthier avocado deviled egg recipe with a handwritten note to pair with the gift set. (Find out if egg whites truly are healthier than whole eggs.)

Zucker's Bagels FlatZ Bagel Boxvia

Zucker’s Bagels FlatZ Bagel Box

$49+, depending on customization

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If your health-conscious gift recipient loves bagels, here’s your chance to make all their foodie dreams come true. This Zucker’s gift features flat bagels, which contain half the calories of a traditional New York bagel. They come straight from New York City, via Goldbelly. Choose from 14 or 28 bagels—and add as many fixings as you’d like, such as nova lox, flavored cream cheese, and everything seasoning. (Here are some healthy breakfast ideas to try.)

Nutritious Gifts Heart Healthy Box Essentialsvia

Nutritious Gifts Heart Healthy Box Plus


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Is there someone on your gift list who has heart disease or is following a heart-healthy diet? This Nutritious Gifts present, curated by registered dietitian nutritionist Rebecca Stib, is the perfect thoughtful gift set. The box includes anti-inflammatory granola, dried fruit, heart-healthy wild tuna, organic tea, and other exciting foodie finds.

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Packvia

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack


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Friends of truffle lovers, get excited. This Truff gift box features white truffle sauce, a signature hot sauce made with black truffle, and a hotter rendition of the signature sauce. You might need to hand deliver this gift so you get to taste the sauces. The sauces goes well on everything from tacos to salads to burgers.

Dash Dinners Spice Gift Basketvia

Dash Dinners Spice Gift Basket


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Have a healthy foodie friend who loves meal kits? Order this Dash Dinners basket of seven seasoning blends. Each spice kit features a nutritious recipe from registered dietitian Michelle Dudash that you can whip up in just 20 minutes. You get the spice makings for stir-fry lettuce wraps, tuna or chicken salad, sloppy Joes, tacos, and several other dishes. (In a rush? Try these 20-minute healthy meal ideas.)

Quinn Movie Night Microwave Popcorn Variety Packvia

Quinn Movie Night Microwave Popcorn Variety Pack


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Spend movie night with better-for-you popcorn. This Quinn gift box features nine bags of farm-to-bag, real-ingredient Quinn popcorn—as well as popcorn seasoning packets of butter and sea salt, aged Parmesan and rosemary, and white cheddar and sea salt. Your gift recipient will enjoy curling up on the couch with a tasty bowl of popcorn and a movie. (Here are more warm and cozy gift ideas.)

Bumbleberry Farms Bee Chill Collectionvia

Bumbleberry Farms Bee Chill Collection


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Face it: 2020 is the year of craving calm. And here’s a fantastic way to deliver such a gift. This Bumbleberry Farms gift set features caffeine-free herbal tea, blueberry blossom honey, a dish with an inspirational saying, and a tension-easing neck wrap made of unscented lentils. This present is likely to be such a hit that you may need to buy yourself a set, too.

The Goods Mart Vegan Boxvia

The Goods Mart Vegan Box

$20-$60, depending on customization

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For that vegan friend on your gift list, what better present than one specially curated for your pal? This pick from The Goods Mart, a small, female-founded socially conscious convenience store in New York City, allows you to choose your box size—ranging from $20 to $60—along with your friend’s taste preferences (sweet, salty, or savory) and any food allergies. Then a curated snack box will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep. Plus, all snacks are free of artificial colors and flavors.

Catsmo Smoked Salmon Trio Gift Cratevia

Catsmo Smoked Salmon Trio Gift Crate


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This gift crate from Williams Sonoma features a trio of pre-sliced kosher smoked salmon—including bourbon and pepper, pastrami, and gravlax. The gift is thoughtful not only because it will excite your recipient’s taste buds but because salmon is rich in the heart-healthy omega-3s EPA and DHA. The salmon is delicious as is, paired with crème fraîche, or made into homemade salmon bacon.

Omnom Chocolate Bars Triovia

Omnom Chocolate Bars Trio


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When it comes to sweet treats, what’s healthier than dark chocolate? This Omnom variety pack of single-origin bars highlights sustainable, ethically sourced chocolate from Iceland. The trio gift set features 66 percent Madagascar, 70 percent Tanzania, and 73 percent Nicaragua chocolate bars. (Read up on the health benefits of chocolate.)

Spiceology Holiday Essentials Spice Setvia

Spiceology Holiday Essentials Spice Set


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What’s better than pumpkin spice? A Spiceology gift set that pairs it with mulling spice, turkey rub, and prime rib rub.  The great thing about these seasoning mixes is you don’t have to make pumpkin spice lattes or roasted turkey with them. You can use the pumpkin spice in baked French toast, the mulling spice in holiday sangria, and the turkey and prime rib rubs on any protein—from salmon to tofu.


Amy Gorin, MS, RDN
Amy Gorin is a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist in Stamford, CT. Specializing in plant-based eating, Amy has bylined 1,000-plus articles and also completed more than 1,000 interviews for top-tier outlets. Additionally, she has appeared on several national broadcast shows, including CBS Up to the Minute, CBS Power Up Your Health, NBC News, and the Associated Press. She is a former nutrition and health editor for Prevention, Health, Parents, American Baby, Weight Watchers Magazine, and–and loves to share her media knowledge via the media-training course, Master the Media, that she co-runs to help other health professionals get their names in the news. Amy enjoys cooking and publishes healthy plant-based recipes on her blog, Amy's Eat List. She has contributed recipes to several books, including The Runner's World Vegetarian Cookbook, Runner's World Meals on the Run, The Runner's World Cookbook, and The MIND Diet. Amy also runs an Etsy shop, Plant-Based Eats, which delivers meal plans and nutrition printables to the masses.