Probiotics are essential for gut health. Learn about probiotic supplements and foods to add to your diet.

The Best Probiotics for Weight Loss

Probiotics reset that all-important bacterial balance in our guts. Now, a growing body of research suggests that some probiotics may help us win the battle of the bulge.

Healing My Gut with Probiotics Relieved My Depression: I Tried It

Her young daughter's headaches led this worried mom to follow a doctor's dietary advice, which turned out to help...

Types of Probiotics and How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs, according to Gut Health Research

Probiotics are a popular topic, but choosing the right one can be confusing. Here's what nutrition experts and the...

Culturelle Probiotic: Why It’s the Best, Say Many Shoppers and Nutrition Pros

Looking to try a probiotic? This product—beloved for its immunity benefits and gut-friendliness—earns an average 4.8-star rating from thousands...

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7 Prebiotic Foods and How They Can Help Your Gut

If you want to add more prebiotic foods to your diet, here are some of the best prebiotic foods that...

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7 Things Probiotics Can Do (And 4 They Can’t—Yet)

Literally meaning "for life" in Greek, probiotics seem to have a lot of health benefits. Here are the ones you...

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The Best Probiotic Yogurt Brands for Better Gut Health

Confused about which yogurt offers you the best gut benefits? Nutritionists reveal their top picks for probiotic yogurts.

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It’s Time to Get the Facts Straight About Probiotics

Before you buy, learn the truth when it comes to probiotics with the help of health experts who share...

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Prebiotics vs. Probiotics: What’s the Difference?

The names may sound almost exactly the same, but there's a big difference in the way they work in your...

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Do You Really Need to Take Probiotics After Antibiotics?

Knowing the answer can protect your gut.

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12 Best Probiotics for Women

Recommended by doctors and registered dietitians, these are the best probiotics for women, and may help address conditions that predominantly...

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The Best Probiotics to Buy on Amazon

Health experts reveal their top picks for the best probiotic supplements available on Amazon for every need, like improving...

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12 Probiotics Brands Nutritionists Trust the Most

We asked registered dietitians to tell us how they choose probiotics, including which probiotic brands they trust the most.

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9 Health Benefits of Probiotics That Don’t Have to Do With Digestion

You may know that "good" bacteria can help soothe digestive ills, but probiotics may also reduce anxiety, help your teeth,...

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Do You Need a Probiotic? Here’s How to Find Out

Probiotics seem to offer multiple benefits ranging from a happy gut to clearer skin. So could you benefit? Here, the...

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Probiotics Basics

In recent years probiotics have been getting a lot of hype. They sure sound good for you. But what do