A Baby Was Born Mid-Flight, and the Airline’s Response Will THRILL You

The unscheduled arrival of a brand-new passenger made for a very happy ending on this flight.

ShutterstockA Spirit Airlines flight just made an emergency landing for an unusual reason—and it wasn’t due to bad weather or a mechanical issue. Apparently, a baby just couldn’t wait for his flight to land before joining the world.

Christina Penton, 36 weeks pregnant, had just boarded the flight in Fort Lauderdale when her water broke. Even though the airplane quickly diverted to New Orleans for an emergency landing, it wasn’t fast enough for this impatient newborn.

“He did what he wanted,” mother Cristina Penton told CNN. “We were just all along for the ride.”

Thankfully, a pediatrician and nurse were on board to help her give birth, which was luckily a speedy delivery. About 10 minutes later, the newborn’s cries filled the plane’s cabin, and the passengers erupted in applause.

Penton named her baby boy Christoph. Measuring in at a healthy 7 pounds and 19 and a half inches long, he’s the youngest brother of 11-year-old Lulu and 12-year-old Ramon (who were sitting beside their mother during the delivery!) Funny enough, instead of a hospital, his birthplace is marked as “Other – airplane.”

But here’s the best part: Spirit Airlines gave the tiny, unexpected passenger a fantastic birthday present. Apart from Christoph’s free flight from Fort Lauderdale, he can now travel with a guest on his birthday for free—for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, Christoph is grounded for the time being. He will soon return to his hometown of Phoenix by car to avoid any germs on the plane ride home. Next, check out the incredible story of a 12-year-old who helped delivered her baby brother.

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