Science Just Found a New (and Super Important) Reason You Should Avoid Soda at All Costs

Cravings can be brutal, but it's best to trust the experts on this one.

We know that what you eat during pregnancy affects your kid’s palate, and we know the ideal snack foods to eat when you’re expecting. And now, we know that if a mom has a mighty cola habit, she might want to kick it for those nine months; a new study shows a link between childhood obesity and soft drink consumption during pregnancy.

The objective of the study was to “to examine associations of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) and another beverage intake during pregnancy with adiposity in mid-childhood,”  according to abstract listed in the journal Pediatrics.

Drinking-Soda-During-Pregnancy-Raises-Child’s-Risk-for-ObesityTatiana Ayazo/,shutterstock

The study included 1,078 mother-child pairs recruited from eight different obstetric offices that were a part of Atrius Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Massachusetts. The study involved check-ups with the mother throughout the pregnancy and checkups with the child up until just over age 7 and a half.

Of all children observed in the study, 25 percent fell into the category of obese or overweight by mid-childhood. Moms who drank two or more sugary beverages per day during the second trimester had the highest likelihood of having a child falling into this 25 percent.

Bottom line: Nix the soda habit (at least while you’re expecting), and sip on these calorie-free drinks instead.

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