Traveling can be exhausting, and it can also lead to feeling sick. Read up on our travel tips such as avoiding motion sickness on the way to your destination.

I Travel Up to 150 Days of the Year—Here Are the 12 Rules That Keep Me Healthy

Following a professional travel influencer's tips before your next trip will help you reach your destination with as little germ exposure as possible.

These Are the 2 Biggest Factors That Affect Sleep When You Travel, Says an Insomnia Specialist

Vacation days are too precious to spend your time tossing and turning through the night. Here's why travel can screw with...

Traveler’s Diarrhea, Constipation & More: Clever Tips to Manage, from Wellness Pros

Those problems with "digestion and elimination" don't have to be inevitable just because you're far from home. Here's what...

Nutritionists’ 8 Favorite Energy Bars for Travel

A few of the country's leading dietitians and metabolism and gut health specialists share their personal favorite picks for easy-to-grab,...

Why ‘Re-Entry Travel Anxiety’ Is Super Normal Right Now…Plus 5 Rules to Venture Ou...

Don't let unexpected nerves keep you from getting away this summer. Experts explain why this post-pandemic travel anxiety is...

8 Best Travel Neck Pillows for Pain-Free Snoozing

Looking for a travel neck pillow that can help prevent neck pain while you're on the go? Check...

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11 Rules the CDC Wants You to Follow Before Traveling Again

Everyone's itching to get out of the house and go someplace new. But the question is: how to do it...

Flight Attendants Reveal How They Never Get Sick

You're going to want to steal these tips.

13 Things You Should Never Eat on an Airplane

A registered dietitian nutritionist reveals which foods could turn your next flight into a disaster.

15 Things Everyone Should Do Alone at Least Once

Try these solo activities. You'll learn something new about the world— and yourself with these solo activities.

14 Reasons You Always Get Sick on Vacation

Often, vacation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are some common reasons why stress continues to nag you...

This Is What Happens When People Travel the World to Save Their Own Lives

More and more Americans are heading to Asia, Europe, or the Caribbean to receive the life-saving medical care they need....

11 Foods You Should Avoid on Vacation

Don't let foodborne illness or tummy troubles ruin your getaway! Avoid these foods and drinks to stay on the safe...

15 Secrets to Staying Healthy on Vacation

Your vacation is valuable, which is why you should take care of your health before and after the plane takes...

11 Smart Tricks to Not Get Sick on a Cruise

Being stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean while having tummy troubles probably isn't part of...

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11 Things Traveling on a Plane Does to Your Body

Although air travel is generally safe, you can experience some not-so-pleasant side effects at 35,000 feet

16 Incredible Beauty Destinations from Around the World to Add to Your Bucket List

From New Zealand to Japan and California, the world clearly has more than one fountain of youth—and capitals of great...

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10 Smart Tricks to Avoid Getting Sick on Long Flights

Make for smooth travel with these suggestions to keep your stomach calm for the whole flight.

If You Skip Your Yearly Vacation, Your Health Could Be at Risk

Vacation isn't just good for your peace of mind.

This Is What You Need to Know About Those Full-Body Airport Security Scanners

If every time you step into a full body security scanner at the airport you think, "I must be getting...

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7 Easy, Travel-Friendly Hairstyles You Can Create in Minutes

Here are easy hairstyles—and step-by-step instructions—that are perfect for hot weather, travel, or even everyday. Whether you want braids, a...

Here’s Why Taking a Shorter Vacation Is Actually Better for You, According to Psychologists

Don't stress if you can't take a two-week vacation this year—your shorter break might be better for you in the...

10 Effortless Tricks to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Going on vacation is a good way to unwind and enjoy yourself, but you don't want to leave feeling worse...

Why You Get a Headache When You Fly—and How You Can Stop It

No one wants to start their vacation with a headache.

9 Foods You Should Probably Skip Before Your Next Flight

Trust us, your tummy—and your seatmate—will thank you if you don't eat these foods.

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Never Take a Bath in a Hotel Tub—and 5 Other Vacation Don’ts

A poorly-timed illness can ruin a long-anticipated getaway. Following these tips can help you stay happy and healthy when far...

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11 Nutritionist-Approved Tips on What to Eat (and What to Avoid) at the Airport

Since airport terminals are not known for their healthy cuisine, we asked nutritionists to share their tips for staying healthy...

9 Beauty Tricks to Care for Your Skin on an Airplane

The arid environment of an airplane can make skin look dry and tired. Try these tips to feel fresh by...

Why Airplane Food Tastes So Bad and Other Curious Phenomena

We found answers to 11 compelling questions about how the human body works.

Vice Advice: The Dangers of Never Taking Vacation

Think you deserve a pat on the back for your workaholic ways? Ample research suggests that vacations aren’t luxuries, but...

How to Stay Healthy in Your Hotel Room

The sheets aren’t stained. There’s no hair in the sink. The water glasses are wearing those little paper hats. Your