This Is The Real Reason It’s Easier for Men to Lose Weight Than Women

Why does it seem easier for men to lose weight? It may be all in our heads.

Why do men tend to lose weight more easily than women? It might have to do with the ways women and men think about food differently. According to a recent survey, women simply obsess about food more than men do. “While 25 percent of women think about food every half-hour, only 10 percent think about sex that often,” claims “When it comes to men, 5 percent think about sex once a minute and 36 percent find their minds wandering to it every 30 minutes.” Learn how one mom lost over 150 pounds by only cutting out four foods.

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Women also tend to relate emotionally to food, while men do not. The book Conquering Heart Attack & Stroke references a brain-scan study in which “researchers flashed tempting foods in front of men and women who hadn’t eaten for a day, then told them to fight their hunger. The men’s brains showed far less activity in areas of emotional regulation, memory, and motivation than the women’s – as if men were more easily able to ‘switch off’ their cravings for favorite foods, which included fried chicken, lasagna, ice cream, and pizza.” What this means: beware of emotional eating. We have some advice to help: “If you are trying to lose weight, and you have just had a difficult day at the office, don’t walk home past a bakery.” Here are some more tips to prevent emotional eating.

However, biology still does have something to do with it. To top it all off, men generally have faster metabolisms. According to Weight Watchers, “research has found that on average the metabolism of a man is 5 to 10 percent higher than that of a woman of the same weight and height.” This is because their bodies generally have more lean body mass (muscle) than women’s, which causes them to burn calories faster. Here are 11 myths about metabolism you should definitely ignore. Plus, learn the 10 common foods that throw your metabolism out of whack.

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