Digest Diet Success Story: “I Lost 50 Pounds for My Daughter’s Wedding!”

Timothy O’Keefe, 53, a professor at the University of North Dakota, started the Digest Diet to slim down for his daughter’s nuptials this past summer—and was thrilled to make the bride proud of him on her big day.

Tim O'Keefe and family at his daugther's wedding

And on her wedding day, he weighed in at a slender 198 pounds in June after starting at 248 pounds just four months earlier, and he has lost another 12 pounds since!

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“I Learned to ‘Eat to Live’”
Instead of “living to eat,” Tim now sees food as the energy source he needs for a productive day. The former salt junkie’s cravings for chips have completely vanished. The Digest Diet’s emphasis on healthy, home-cooked meals helped Tim view food as something to savor instead of devour. A favorite mealtime habit: enjoying a glass of red wine (yes, it can help you lose weight!) and a conversation with his wife.

“I’m Sleeping Well Again”
Because of his sleep apnea, a disorder that disrupts breathing, Tim often felt tired during the day. Losing weight is known to help sleep apnea, and Tim has slept well without his breathing machine (it helps keep airways open) for the first time in years. During a recent vacation to Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons, Tim and his wife enjoyed a ten-mile hike—something he wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting just months before. “Next year we’re hoping to go rock and ice climbing in Montana!”

Photo courtesy of Tim O'Keefe

Tim’s Remarkable Health Stats
In addition to his big weight loss, Tim also experienced these impressive improvements:
Cholesterol: 147 from 177 (LDL dropped 28 points; HDL increased 12)
Triglycerides: 86 from 155
Fatty liver disease: No longer a concern for Tim
Blood sugar: 94 from 113

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