How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

How to choose a frequency that’s right for you.

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Answer: Somewhere between never and often.

Trying to lose weight? Weigh regularly.
Studies have shown that weighing yourself regularly — from once a week to daily — can be helpful during an active weight-loss attempt. This comes under the category of “self monitoring,” another example of which is keeping a food diary. By keeping you constantly aware of where you are and where you’re going, self monitoring prevents a major deviation off course. You catch trouble early and can correct it.

Are health and fitness your goal? Step off the scale!
The scale may cause undue preoccupation with weight, when the real prize is health and vitality. And a scale can’t distinguish fat from muscle, so you may be getting leaner without getting lighter, and your scale won’t say a word about it!

The bottom line: Now you know the pros and cons of weighing. Benefit from the former, keep in mind the latter, and choose a frequency that’s right for you.

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